Zombies can swim afterall!

I love how the sign on the Guelph Waterloo, Ontario store The Adventure Guide has gone semi-viral. You might remember we posted a photo their sign that said, “Zombies can’t swim, get a paddle board.”

Right after it got posted somebody submitted it to the Fail Blog Win! where it was highlighted as well. Since then the Fail Blog Win! has given it some more thought and posted a follow-up proving that sadly zombies can swim so you are clearly not safe anywhere.

Somebody found a clip of a swimming zombie from the 1979 movie, “Zombie” who attacked a shark and used it as a quick transportation vehicle (aka, rode on its back). I think the only thing scarier then a shark riding zombie is if the shark also had laser weapons attached. If it comes to that then we are really in trouble.

Of course the comments and the debate are still raging on over at the Fail Blog Win!. According to one guy there was a panel set-up to debate the issue at a recent anime convention to discuss the issue.

We will just need to wait and see but until the scientists come back with results of their extensive testing, play it safe. Get yourself a kayak, canoe or a paddle board and wait out the apocalypse as long as you can.

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Adventure Guide Zombie Marquee

My firend Mike sent me this photo of the outdoor shop that he works at in Waterloo, Ontario. He convinced his boss at the Adventure Guide to change the sign to read, “Zombies can’t swim. Buy a Paddle board.”

This comes from a recent post we chatted about a while back where something similar was posted at a marina.

Adventure Guide has had some witty stuff on their sign in the past. Back in January it read, “Ski wax on. Ski wax off.”

Photo credit: The Adventure Guide

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