I love when cool technology comes together.

Huntsville, Ontario resident, Ben Carlin started up a new company this past Spring called Intrepid360 with the aim to combine 360 degree video and marketing.

He recently partnered up with Algonquin Outfitters to demonstrate the immersive and very powerful form of video by taking us on a family canoe day trip in Algonquin Park. You might recognize blogger, Jennifer Johnson and her family from the site, Backcountry with the Kids.

Watch the video below, move your mouse around and visit Algonquin Park in just over 3 minutes.

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What started out as a funny idea to get more people out enjoying nature and the wilderness, the Paddle in the Park Contest has blossomed into one of the coolest, awesomest, bestest contest I’ve read about in quite a while.

Now in its second year, the contest is pretty simple. Canoe paddle manufacturer, Badger Paddle partnered up with Preston of Portageur.ca to find a bunch of celebrity paddlers and authors to go out and hide six paddles along the portage trails in Algonquin, Temagami and Killarney areas. Between now and September 15th they will be sending out clues to help campers figure out where the paddles are hiding.

Find a paddle along the trail? It’s yours!

Just try to name a cooler contest out there, just try.

With the contest just getting going, I got in touch with co-owner of Badger Paddle, Fiona Westner-Ramsay to tell me all about it:

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Live in Toronto and don’t own a car but looking to get out of the city? There is a brand new service called Park Bus which provides express service out of Toronto. For about $84 return, they will provide transportation from various pick-up points in the city and drop you off in beautiful Algonquin Park.

To keep things simple (especially for beginners) they have several different planning options depending on what you want to do. You can find info on how to plan your trip logistics based if you want to backpack, canoe, or camp in a campsite. If you don’t have any gear, they also provide all-inclusive trips to make things even easier.

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Canadians have an opportunity to experience first hand the seven wonders of Algonquin Park, accessible only by canoe. Travelers will discover why the canoe was selected as one of Canada’s Seven Wonders in a national contest and learn why Algonquin Park was recognized as being Canada's 2nd Most Priceless National Park.
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