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Apple LogoJackson Kayak just got a massive marketing boost this week by getting profiled by Apple (yes, that Apple). Jackson Kayak was highlighted as a company that uses Apple products (iPhone and iPad) extensively throughout the entire manufacturing process by JK employees.

Apple produced a very slick 2.5 minute video where company president where Erik Jackson and Chief Financial Officer Dave Olson introduces us to the company and talks about how using Apple products has really changed the way that they do business.

“We’ve been surprised how people have responded when we've given them iPhones and iPads,” says Dave Olson, Chief Financial Officer. “We were getting more time and more engagement from every employee that had an iPhone. So we got everyone an iPhone.”

Two really cool applications they make extensive use of are Facetime and the Square. For example, the staff use Facetime to quickly communicate with other staff (who might be out of the office) and to get a visual confirmation if the boat in question is a blem or not.

Jackson Kayak also makes use of the super cool Square credit card reader. It’s a small widget that plugs directly into the iPhone headphone jack and turns the whole thing into a portable credit card reader. Perfect for then they are out on the road.

It’s an interesting article and you can read the full thing here.

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