Tuesday, 08 October 2013 13:40

Black Bear vs. Kitty Cat

Here is positive proof that you should always bring a kitty cat out on your camping trips and set her up as your first line of self-defence against bears.*

*Legal disclaimer: Act like my children, don't follow my advice.


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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 09:35

Introspective Bears [Nature Photography]

introspective bears

I’m pretty sure this is what happens every September once all the people drives back to the big city at summers end.

Photo credit: imgur.com

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Bear in Campsite

Yep, looks safe to me. Where do I sign-up my gang?

Photo Credit: criggo.com

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Black Bear

An interesting study was released today that seems to debunk the popular believe that most bear attacks happen when you get between a mother and her cubs.

Most of the fatal black bears attacks in North America in the last 110 years were the result of male bears targeting humans as food, according in an article published Wednesday in the Journal of Wildlife Management by University of Calgary professor Stephen Herrero.

Researchers looked at all the black bear deaths in North America between 1900 and 2009, excluding those caused by bears kept in captivity.

The study found that 63 people were killed in 59 incidents. Of those, 88 per cent involved a bear "exhibiting predatory behaviour" and 92 per cent of the bears were male.

Here are some bear safety tips to make your next backcountry trip safer.

More info: cbc.ca

Photo credit: Black Bear / Mark Watson / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Sunday, 07 November 2010 10:12

Nature Pole Dancing

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Flickr Photo Credit: ah zut

Taken in the Haida Gwaii, BC; this bear gets to close for comfort for me.

From the Sea Kayak Canada Photo Pool. Credit: ah zut (Chris de Rham)

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Bear Sleeping Bag

Are you in the market for a new sleeping bag but having difficulties finding an "Authentic" one? As your own personal shopper, I believe I have found the bag for you.

Behold the Bear Sleeping Bag. The perfect item to keep you warm at night. Just make sure you keep it at home during hunting season. Also, if you sleepwalk, keep it at home.

Bear Sleeping Bag

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 11:59

Park Bear Warning Sign

Thanks to Michael for passing this along.

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