Tuesday, 28 January 2014 14:24

New Rescue Technique: The Dump

Holy crap! Why haven't been using The Dump all along?

Just watch it and be prepared to be amazed with its simplicity.

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I've always enjoyed the videos that the gang from Body Boat Blade. Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommé are super down to earth instructors and their passion to make kayaking fun is clearly there.

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Thursday, 21 March 2013 08:00

A Brand New Kayaking Stoke: The Haghighi

New kayaking strokes (let alone one that you can actually use) come along once in a blue moon but I think we might have a possible winner here with The Haghighi.

Taught to us by Leon Sommé from Body Boat Blade, The Haghighi is intended as a very powerful stroke when you need to turn your kayak downwind or if you need to quickly turn and catch a wave downwind to surf.

Leon explains the whole thing in the video below so take a look. I haven't played with it yet so I'm keen to see what you think about it after getting out on the water and trying it out. Post your comments below.

Cool history to this stroke, it was invented by Leon's dentist, Dan Haghighi.

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The official trailer for the new instructional DVD, Sea Kayak Rescues was just posted on Kokatat’s Vimeo page today. It features Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme from Body Boat and Blade International as hosts and Bryan Smith from Reel Water Productions capturing all the excitement on film.

Sea Kayak Rescues DVD

Here is the description on the Vimeo page:

[blockquote]World class sea kayak instructors Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme team up with award winning filmmaker Bryan Smith to produce Sea Kayak Rescues, a comprehensive, modern guide for easy, safe and effective kayak rescues. Using stunning slow motion to illustrate critical skills and exciting real time footage of rescues in tidal races, rough water and the open coast, this film sets a new standard in sea kayak instruction.[/blockquote]

Sea Kayak Rescues Trailer from Kokatat Watersports Wear on Vimeo.

I was sold in the first 30 seconds of the trailer. Look for it at your local paddling shop sometime in August.

Thanks for @bryanhansel for the tip.

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Canoe & Kayak Magazine LogoCanoe & Kayak Magazine recently published two quick instructional videos featuring Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme, who are both amazing instructors and owners of the paddling school, Body Boat Blade International.

The two clips are produced by Bryan Smith and you can tell is unique and professional style immediately. Both videos are exactly as instructional videos should be, short and straight to the point with no wasted words.

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