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My friend Fiona from Badger Paddles sent me photos of a canoe paddle they made for a customer who has as serious as air guitaring as I am.

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The Canoe PIN Pad

I'm not quite sure if this is what they thought a canoe paddle could be used for when it was invented...

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One armed paddle in action. Photo courtesy of Cindy Dillenschneider

Cindy Dillenschneider, Professor of Outdoor Education at Northland College in Ashland, WI was recently awarded a patent for a paddle she designed to allow somebody to paddle a canoe with only one hand. Through the years, I have seen or read about several different types of adaptations for people with disabilities and I have got to say that this is the closest that I have ever seen to performaing like a paddle being used with two hands.
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Wednesday, 24 October 2007 06:41

Ozzy fan disappointed he couldn't deliver gift

I saw this posting from the Edmonton Sun this morning and to be honest, my heart wept.

Ozzy Here is a sad, sad story of Patrick Lesko, a 34-year-old super fan of Ozzy and Black Sabbath.

Lesko built a custom black cherry canoe paddle for the Dark Lord but was unable to present the gift to him when the Osbourne family tour rolled into Edmonton on Monday night.

He showed up early to try to get tickets for the meet and greet but was denied. At least he was able to grab a $750 front row seat.

The paddle is painted with black images of a devil, flames and a coffin with Ozzy's name spelled out in Theban letters, commonly used by Wiccans.

He will try again in January with Ozzy swings through my neighbourhood of Toronto.

More info: Edmonton Sun
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Sunday, 18 February 2007 04:41

Speaking Good Boat

by: John Winters

Speech BubbleHow long is a long kayak? How wide is a wide kayak? How fast is a fast one? Who cares?
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