This was shot on Mabul Island, Malaysia.

One point of interest. You will see around the 44 second mark the girl jump into the frame with what looks very much like a Greenland style paddle. Below is an overhead photo I found that illustrates it much better.

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Voyageur Canoe at the Youth Leadership Conference

Paddling in a Voyageur canoe is a whole lot of fun. In fact one might even describe it as a boatload of fun (sorry about that). What makes them a great mode of transportation is that you can have a whole group of friends paddling along in a super stable craft. Only 3-4 people need to actually paddle to maintain speed leaving the other 15 people able to hang out and gossip.

But what happens if something went wrong and the boat tips over? Do you know what you would do?

Priscilla Haskin is a Paddle Canada canoe instructor from Edmonton, Alberta. She put together this quick video that explains the process of flipping; stabilizing and slowly getting everybody back in.

Watching the video, you quickly realize it’s a time consuming and slow process to empty that big monster of enough water to allow participants to slowly climb in. Also, reminded me that if you are going out with a group you would want to make sure you have a conversation with them before leaving describing the basic process so people don’t panic while in the water.

Voyageur Canoe Photo used under Creative Commons from North Cascades National Park.

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