Doug AldersonAuthor, Doug Alderson recently uploaded two really cool videos which are posted below. The first one is a quick lesson on the super practical Highwayman's Hitch knot.  The Highwayman's Hitch is a fantastic quick release knot with a whole pile of uses. The best one being that you can use it to make a quick tow line without requiring clips or buckles. With a little practice a basic piece of floating line can be set up to provide a secure towline that can quickly be released from both ends.
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Wednesday, 12 September 2007 19:37

Book Review - Sea Kayaking Strokes

Sea Kayak Strokes Visit your local the book section at your local outdoor store and you will find a boatload of books on sea kayaking skills. Generally speaking they are written towards the novice paddler and cover a wide range of skills from packing your boat to how to keep your boat going straight.
Sea Kayak Strokes written by Doug Alderson is slightly different in that it only covers the foundation skills for paddling. By leaving out all the other areas of kayaking like rescues, camping or navigation skills, Alderson is able to focus and go into an immense amount of detail for each different boat-control skill or paddling stroke.

Doug Alderson is a very analytical thinker and it is very evident as you read through the book. In it, he has taken each skill and broken it down into key points, application for real life and exercises to work on common mistakes.

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