The Ugg Croc Toe Shoe

I believe there are many in the outdoor world that would disagree with the Fail Blog and herald the Ugg Croc Toe Shoe as the greatest shoe of all time.

For me? I have to agree with the Fail Blog but hey, whatever floats your boat...

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The pipe Bar roof rack.

Here is some inspiration for those who have always dreamed of building your own roof rack.

Heck, you need to save cash somehow to pay for that top of the line canoe or kayak don’t you?

The back to nature wood rack.

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Getting away from it all fail. Photo Credit:

I’m going canoe camping with the family this weekend and I’ve decided to camp like this guy and really get away from it all.

See you Monday with good memories and new Nintendo Wii high scores.

Photo credit: Fail Blog

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Epic Fail: Drunk Tow Boat Operator Runs out of Gas and Needs his own Tow.

I saw this posted over on the failblog and I couldn’t help but post it. I love the fact that a drunk tow boat operator tried to tow a broken down boat back home only to run out of gas because he went around in circles for hours. He then needed to get towed in by the boat that originally called for help.

You can’t make that stuff up.

The best comment over on the failblog related to the post was by Carlos:

[blockquote]A tow within a tow…TOWCEPTION.[/blockquote]

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Friday, 25 March 2011 16:24


Surfboard Guitar. Image Credit:

I don’t really know what to think about this surfboard guitar. I guess it could be practical if you were playing a gig and the bar got flooded out. Other then that I’m not sure… Image Credit:

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Below are two examples of why its way safer to just stay at home and watch Wheel of Fortune on your sofa. Nature is just dangerous these days.

This guy just got away with his life when the top of a tree blew off while he was camping and crashed through the windshield.

Fallen tree through windsheild

You can see the complete damage here. Thanks to Andrew for passing the link along.

Next time you are out beware of the land shark lest you get bitten.

The land shark

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Victoria's Secrets Photoshop Disaster

We all know the world of modeling and print advertising is fake. If you didn’t know its fake, let me tell you that it is F-A-K-E. I once had a kayaking student who worked in an advertising company where he photographed cereal bowls for packaging. I believed him when he said your average bowl of cereal is made up of about 10-15 different photos.

Usually ads are pretty well and don’t notice the trickery but sometimes they are thrown together with pretty poor results which in turn provides for some great content for

Here is a recent flyer ad for The Bay up here in Canada. Want guess the problem? A couple clues: A poorly oversized bow, knees that are not at the right height and seem to be different sizes. What about that her right shoulder? It seems to have been made out of thin air. Finally the shoes seem to be different sizes.

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Anybody who doesn’t believe in natural selection should read the article below:

Newspaper Clipping


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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 11:47

Weatherman Set Disaster [Fail]

I never realized that being a weatherman was so dangerous!

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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 16:39

University Outing Club Business Card Fail

Found on the Fail Blog today. Glad I'm not a member...

Outing Club Fail


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