Buddies and fellow Canadians, James Manke and James Roberts are teaming up to travel and compete in the National Greenland Championships held in Qaqortoq, Greenland in this July and are looking for your support. The project is very cool and you should consider helping them out.

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If you are interested in teaching yourself about Greenland rolling Christopher Crowhurst is the guy you need to talk to (or at least shift through his fantastic kayak rolling website, qajaqrolls.com.

A while back Christopher released the Rolling with Sticks Guide Book which is a really innovative and simple book that breaks down each individual Greenland kayak roll. The stick guys do a great job highlighting the key steps for each roll.

The brilliant idea with the book is that it’s printed and bound on waterproof paper so you can take it with you on the water

Rolling with Sticks DVD

Now Christopher has moved to the next step and produced an instructional DVD called Rolling with Sticks which looks pretty good.

Rolling with Sticks DVD preview from Christopher Crowhurst on Vimeo.

As the preview demonstrates, each video is clearly demonstrated showing it in multiple angles both above and below the water.

You can purchase just the book for $29.95, DVD for $19.99 or as a package deal for $39.95.

More info and image credits: qajaqrolls.com

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Saturday, 06 December 2008 21:38

Hot off the Press - dubside.net closed for good

DubsideJust heard from The Dash Point Pirate Blog that Dubside's online store is closing December 8 at 9:00am sharp.

They are reporting that the DVD's (Greenland Rolling with Dubside, Qajaasaarneq, and Modern Greenland Kayaking) might not even be available through retailers as remaining inventory might be donated to libraries.
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Dubside performs the entire range of traditional and non-traditional Greenland kayak rolls in this rolling demo at the 2006 South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayak Symposium at Twanoh State Park in Washington State.


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Sunday, 05 November 2006 11:48

Amazing Greenland Rolling Demonstration

We recently found this amazing video that Andrew Elizaga posted on his blog "The Dash Point Pirate". It is a fantastic video demonstrating the many Greenland style rolls there are.

Description from Google:
Andrew Elizaga performs a range of traditional Greenland kayak rolls in his skin-on-frame East Greenland replica qajaq, demonstrating the grace and beauty of these magnificent seagoing arctic hunting craft. This movie features the names of the rolls in English, an original musical score and guest appearance by Baby Seal.


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Tuesday, 27 June 2006 19:04

Greenland kayak roll help

This is the video description from google video:

Well I thought I'd put these short clips together to offer a bit of guidance for the standard Greenland roll. This technique has proved it's self and the people I've taught have gone on to help others. A good instructor is great but not always required. My wife taught me to roll from a book and my paddling bud Dustin helped me tweak it out. You'll always learn more from those you paddle with on a regular basis.

The video is of poor quality. It was shot with a digital still camera and was never intended to be more than just something to watch later that evening. This summer I plan to tape a much better rolling video but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post this one here.

Qajaq USA has rolling video clips and I'd suggest taking a look at those too. The video doesn't show perfect technique But I've never seen perfect technique in the real situations either. You just want to get up.

Matt Johnson's Blog at: carvegp.com


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