Reuben Buerge of The Hurricane Riders was highlighted on the CBC national news yesterday as a successful graduate of a new BC education program called, Take a Hike.

The goal of Take a Hike is to take at-risk youth and use outdoor education to help them get their education back on track.

Reuben shows up around the 7:45 mark but you should watch the whole thing. It's quite good.

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With a new school year underway Kelly and I thought it was about time that we get off our butts and record a new episode of our sea kayaking podcast, Kayak Mainline.

In episode 11 of Kayak Mainline we learn about:

  • Military Dolphins with guns attached to their heads,
  • Freya Hoffmeister's Sunday Afternoon Expedition is now 2/3 the way around South America,
  • Halifax paddlers take on a serious crossing to raise cash for kids camp,
  • Scary news: Mosquitoes could soon be immune to Deet.

We also explore (hypothetically) what it would be like to watch a stripper take on Gordon Lightfoot's, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

As a break for hearing us blab on and on, we get on the phone and talk to Marty Perry and Kate Hives of the Hurricane Riders and catch up on they are up to these days.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did putting it together.

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The nominees for the annual Canoe & Kayak Awards have just been announced and who do we find buried in amongst a wave of whitewater paddlers? Why none other than fellow Paddle Canada sea kayak instructor and Hurricane Rider, Rowan Gloag.

I don't want to tell you how to vote but when checking the radio button for your favourite, don’t forget, his name is Rowan Gloag.

You can vote here:

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012 12:20

Skook Classified: The Journey just posted part two of their ongoing series called Skook Classified. Episode 2: The Journey is a great little short film telling the story of The Hurricane Riders putting together Skookfest, an invite-only extreme rough water sea kayaking event in the tidal rapids at Skookumchuck Narrows , B.C which took place this past October.

Speaking of rough water, make sure you take some time and check out which is a really great website filled with the greatest rough water sea kayaking videos on the net. It’s curated by both The Hurricane Riders and Nick Castro from Active Sea Kayaking.

If you have always wanted to paddle Skook but feel you don’t have enough skills or guts, Nick from Active Sea Kayaking is going to be offering training in April and June of 2013. The multi-day course is focusing specifically on sea kayak surfing and paddling in tidal currents. Nick promises that things will start off gently than build up from there. Sounds awesome.

Check out the quick video below:

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The Night Squad

The gang from The Hurricane Riders put together a pretty cool paddling clip yesterday. Not sure how they did it but they somehow turned a night paddle into a fancy art piece. You can see the spooky adventure below.

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Surfing a Wave. Photo Credit: The Hurricane Riders

Over the past year or so, The Hurricane Riders have been developing quite a name for themselves on YouTube with their crazy rough water sea kayaking shorts.

Last week I sat down (via a keyboard) with team member Rowan Gloag in what became the 1st in our 1 part series, Better Know a Hurricane Rider. I wanted to find out the story behind the Hurricane Riders and what keeps Rowan motivated as an instructor.

Tell me about The Hurricane Riders. How many members are on the team and how long have you been around?
Currently there are 6 members in THR. However, we may increase that number in the future. James Dunderdale and Marty Perry started the crew back in 2007.

Several members of the team are also guides and sea kayak instructors. Tell me about that. How long have you been instructing for and how often throughout the paddling season do you teach?

  • Rowan Gloag (Me) - I am a full-time instructor working for both for Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak (DCCK) and SKILS. I've been doing this since 1998.
  • James Dunderdale is the School Director at DCCK and works for SKILS. He teaches as much as he can. He has been an instructor since 2003.
  • Marty Perry is a full-time instructor since 2007 at DCCK as well.
  • Chris Wilson is a part-time instructor at DCCK since 2001.
  • Pawel Szopa taught as an instructor at DCCK from 2003 to 2009.
  • Kim Hannula runs Deep Cove Outdoors. (She is not an instructor)

How did The Hurricane Riders get started?
We had been play-boating in long boats for years and originally it was just about paddling long boats in more demanding conditions. As professionals in this industry, we needed an outlet that was just for us, that wasn't work, where we could push our skills. We started off with just pictures, but in 2008 we began shooting rudimentary videos with our point-and-shoot cameras. With no editing experience and armed with a new Macbook, I did my best to link images to music. It was a steep learning curve with over 50 hours going into our first video.

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