Typically kayaking can be viewed as a relaxing experience, washing away the stress of the day including your boss (or kids) yelling at you.

Sadly it looks like it might have had the opposite effect on a gentleman from Westfield, Massachusetts who, according to court records pleaded not guilty to a host of charges (including attempted murder) after he allegedly attacked another man with a kayak paddle and held his head underwater. All while out kayak fishing one evening.

Wait, what?

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Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:00

A Beginner's Guide to Kayak Fishing

Every once in a while I find a friend to write a guest piece about a topic I know nothing about. For a while now I’ve had an interest in kayak fishing but to honest I’ve never had the time and/or patience to really get into it. I decided to ask Joseph Dowdy from Austin Canoe & Kayak to give us some pointers on how to get into the hugely growing sport of kayak fishing.


by: Joseph Dowdy

Kayak fishing is becoming increasingly popular in the kayaking world because it incorporates two popular sports into one: fishing and kayaking. Both of these activities are inexpensive and allow you to set your own leisurely pace. That said, doing both at once can be tricky if you’ve never done it before and don’t have the right equipment on hand. Below are some tips for beginner’s to ease into the world of kayak fishing.


1. Consult a local kayak shop

While you are able to fish from a regular sit on top or inflatable kayak, more and more angler kayaks are appearing on the market, making it easier to pack more equipment and fish comfortably. Your local kayak shop will have information on the best deals for fishing kayaks, as well as equipment you can purchase to bring along on your trip. They will also be able to offer insight on kayak fishing techniques and popular fishing spots in the area.


2. Practice both sports separately

The key to being a good kayak fisherman is to be a good kayaker, as well as a good fisherman. Both sports take quite a bit of practice. If you’re a novice at one, taking on the other simultaneously could be quite the challenge. Practice fishing off land and practice kayaking in the area you plan on kayak fishing in. Once you’ve mastered the two, doing them concurrently will be much easier.


3. Pay attention to water conditions, weather, and seasons

Do research on the environment you plan on kayak fishing in. Fish are attuned to weather patterns. The ideal times for fish are on windy, rainy, cloudy, or front moving days. Wind often brings bait closer to shore, storm fronts make fish feed, cloudy skies make fish cruise for food, and rain helps hide your boat from fish. When you are saltwater fishing, it’s important to pay attention to the tides. Normal running tides are best because they cause bait to move. During colder weather, fish will be closer to the surface, whereas during warmer weather, fish prefer the cooler, deep waters.


4. Have the right equipment

Any fisherman knows that there’s no such thing as a “quick” fishing trip. Be sure to prepare a tackle box with everything you may need for your excursion. That includes bait, pliers, scissors, hooks, lines, etc. It is also recommended that you bring along a pair of dry clothes, a first aid kit, a map, and a means of communication. Since you’ll be traveling with more equipment than you would on a normal kayaking trip, bungee lanyards and leashes are needed. A good rule of thumb is that if it isn’t connected to the kayak, tie it down. You never know when a rollover or rough waters can happen. It is also important to buy a rod holder if your kayak does not come with one. This makes transporting your rod while paddling much easier.

About the Author:
Joseph Dowdy is an avid kayaker based out of the central Texas area. He has spent many a weekend and holiday on the Texas coast attending sea kayaking events or just having some fun with a kayak or paddleboard. He’s currently employed at Austin Canoe and Kayak (ACK.com) and loves that he gets to spend time working with his favorite toys.


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If you are the type of person like me who always thought that kayak fishing was as boring as watching grass grow be prepared to have you world-view destroyed.

Adam Fisk was out fishing in his kayak in Florida when he accidently hooked onto an 11-foot Hammerhead shark. The being a shark; it wasn’t impressed and proceeded to tow Adam around for the next two hours covering an estimated 12 miles.

During that time some of the other sharks in the neighbourhood were clearly jealous of the action decided to follow along as well.

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Wilderness Systems LogoWilderness Systems is teaming up with three major national media outlets for a high-profile angling sponsorship package developed by The Heliconia Press. The much anticipated partnership will showcase the brand’s leadership position in the kayak angling community and star well-seasoned Wilderness Systems Pro Staff Director Chad Hoover.

In his network television debut, Knot Right Kayak Fishing, Hoover offers helpful kayak bass fishing secrets, tips, and tricks. Wilderness Systems is a major sponsor of the new three-episode mini-series, which premiered Friday, March 30, on NBC Sports. Viewers can tune in Fridays at 1 p.m. EST for the remainder of the episodes. On the show, Hoover travels around North America in his kayak to pursue a range of different types of bassin’ adventures, but the fishing lessons don’t stop there.

Starting in July, the World Fishing Network, with Wilderness Systems as title sponsor, will air a full 13-episode run of Kayak Bassin’ with Chad Hoover. This show will allow Hoover to spread a wealth of kayak fishing knowledge to an ever-growing kayak angling audience. All episodes will feature Wilderness Systems boats and Adventure Technology paddles.

Wilderness Systems is also proud to continue serving as a major sponsor of Hoover’s YouTube channel KayakBassinTV. His popular fishing segments will further engage his online audience as the web-series heads into its second season.

“It was great to work with Heliconia’s Executive Director and Producer Ken Whiting and our Pro Staff Captain Chad Hoover on this multi-media project,” said Cheri McKenzie, Chief Marketing Officer for Confluence Watersports. “The Wilderness Systems team is dedicated to growing the sport of kayak fishing, and this sponsorship trifecta presented an entertaining opportunity to support and further educate the growing base of anglers, retailers, and fans who have come to love this pastime.”  

For additional information on Chad Hoover and the Wilderness Systems Pro Staff team, please visit www.wildernesssystems.com.

About Wilderness Systems:
Innovative designs tuned for performance, premium outfitting, and superlative quality have aligned Wilderness Systems boats with the most acclaimed paddling experiences in the world. Since 1986, Wilderness Systems has pushed the limits of design and innovation, by refusing to compromise. A Wilderness Systems kayak offers the ultimate in performance and design for the recreational boater to the expedition paddler. Taking that same drive into the angling market, Wilderness Systems fishing kayaks exemplify the ultimate experience for anglers. For the times you can’t be on water, experience Wilderness Systems at www.wildernesssystems.com and join the Wildy Community.

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Wilderness Systems LogoMost of the names on the 2012 Wilderness Systems Pro Staff roster have long been at the forefront of the kayak fishing phenomenon. This year, new talent from every corner of the industry joins the ample experience and enthusiasm of the industry icons. As competitors, trainers and ambassadors for the sport, the Wildy Pro Staff is a crew of undeniable experts – accessible to anyone with an interest in getting on the water and fishing from a new perspective. 

“I'm excited about what the 2012 Wilderness Systems Pro Staff has to offer,” said Chad Hoover, team manager and long-time Pro Staff member. “Our team consists of some of the best anglers in the sport with diverse skill sets. Our goal is to provide anglers of all skill levels with valuable insights and expertise to make their time on the water more enjoyable.”

Here is the roster for the 2012 Wilderness Systems Pro Staff:

  • Chad Hoover (Norfolk, Va.): Author of Kayak Bass Fishing; host of NBC Sports Knot Right Kayak Fishing; Owns www.kayakbassfishing.com and jovially owns up to his nickname, “Knot Right.”
  • Captain Dean Thomas (Aransas Pass, Texas): Guide, mentor, and non-discriminatory angler who will fish for whatever is biting.
  • Jeff Little (New Windsor, Md.): Author, resident river smallmouth expert and undaunted by a little snowstorm when it comes to getting out on the water. Co-owner of ConfidenceBaits.net
  • Jeff Suber (Crawfordville, Fla.): Adventure junkie and shallow water redfish fanatic, who co-organizes the largest charity kayak fishing tournament on the Florida Gulf Coast.
  • Chris Fierro (San Diego, Calif.): Specializes in large species off the coast of Southern California and Baja, Mexico. When he’s not fishing with rod and reel, he’s spear diving from his Tarpon 160.
  • CJ Siebler (San Diego, Calif.): At 24-years old, CJ is the youngest Pro Staffer and an unchallenged expert at rigging with advanced wiring and electronics.
  • Chris LeMessurier (Berkley, Mich.): ACA-certified kayak instructor and record-holding angler. Owner of KayakFishtheGreatLakes.com and organizer of the popular NoMo Charity Fishing Tounrament.
  • Bill Schultz (New Berlin, Wis.): Overall fitness advocate and smallmouth bass aficionado, Bill is the leading voice of fishing for smallies in legendary Door County.
  • Joe Poole (Leander, Texas): Loves kayak fishing “because it is simple, silent and stealthy,” and shares that experience as a volunteer with Heroes on the Water.
  • Erick Bell (Mooresville, N.C.): Splitting time between his Tarpon 140 and Ride 135, Erick focuses on competition fishing and the purity of landing a perfect cast from his boat.
  • Captain Jason Stock (Madeira Beach, Fla.): Operates a private fishing charter company and known for finding fish year-round and even in the toughest conditions that South Florida can muster.
  • Todd Llewellyn (St. Petersburg, Fla.): Loves the freedom of his Tarpon 160 for getting him to places where non-kayakers cannot reach.
  • Chris Gorsuch (Walnut Port, Penn.): Primarily a river fisherman who grew up fishing the small streams of upstate New York and now defines a perfect day as one spent casting on the Susquehanna River.
  • Tommy Samuels (Charleston, S.C.): Prefers the Tarpon 160 for Low Country, South Carolina, waters.
  • Dave Easton (San Diego, Calif.): If you want to catch a white sea bass like the 60-pounders Dave has reeled in, follow his gear recommendations and paddle fast to keep up.


Check out full bios of the Pro Staff at www.wildernesssystems.com. We welcome you to join the Wilderness Systems angling community to share and learn tips and the latest news in kayak fishing. Also, join us onFacebook.

About Wilderness Systems:
Innovative designs tuned for performance, premium outfitting, and superlative quality have aligned Wilderness Systems boats with the most acclaimed paddling experiences in the world. Since 1986, Wilderness Systems has pushed the limits of design and innovation, by refusing to compromise. A Wilderness Systems kayak offers the ultimate in performance and design for the recreational boater to the expedition paddler. Taking that same drive into the angling market, Wilderness Systems fishing kayaks exemplify the ultimate experience for anglers. For the times you can’t be on water, experience Wilderness Systems at www.wildernesssystems.com and join the Wildy Community.

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NBC Sports LogoThe Heliconia Press is excited to announce it has begun production of a kayak fishing mini-series, which will be broadcast into 76 million households through NBC Sports. Seaguar's Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge will air throughout the 1st quarter of 2012, beginning December 26th, 2011.

The mini-series follows Ocean Kayak's Kayak Fishing Show host, Jim Sammons, on some of his most daring kayak fishing adventures. Watch Jim catch marlin from his kayak in Baja, battle tuna in Panama's Hannibal Banks, and survive a deadly experience fishing for monster pike on the whitewater rivers of Canada.

The series was made possible in part by Seaguar, with their involvement as Title Sponsor of the series. "I couldn't be more excited to have Seaguar involved as the Title Sponsor of the series" says Jim Sammons, "I've been a dedicated Seaguar fluorocarbon user for as long as I can remember, and now that they've released a world class braid and mono, Seaguar has everything that I both want and need." 

Stay tuned for more information and for specific show times.

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Kayak Fishing Tales LogoThe Heliconia Press is excited to announce that its Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV channel has now been watched over 1 million times in 2010 through a variety of channels, including YouTube, WFN.tv, MyOutdoorTV, and SportFishingMag.com.

Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV is the first and online professionally produced digital video channel dedicated to the sport of kayak fishing. Since January of 2010, daily viewership of Kayak Fishing Tales has grown by more than 1200% - a testament to the explosive growth that the sport of kayak fishing continues to see.

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Kayaking Fishing and a Marlin - Photo by Jock Bradley

Have you ever wondered, "What's the deal with kayak fishing and why is it so popular these days?

Well, it looks a whole lot more interesting then sitting on shore like Opie did in the Andy Griffith Show. One of the biggest appeals is the fact that when you hook on to something, you get dragged around quite a bit making even the smallest fish seem much bigger.
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During recent shooting for Heliconia’s eagerly anticipated kayak fishing adventure film - ExOfficio presents Kayak Fishing: GAME ON, world-renowned, big game kayak angler Jim Sammons hooked up with world champion whitewater kayakers Ken Whiting and Brendan Mark for an action-packed, whitewater kayak fishing adventure. The trio used customized fishing kayaks to challenge the awesome rapids of the Ottawa River, accessing remote and untouched fishing holes. Six days of whitewater kayak fishing included five capsizes, one life threatening swim, a dramatic rescue, and enough great fish to satisfy the most ardent angler.
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The Heliconia Press is very excited to announce that shooting has begun for a first-of-its-kind kayak fishing action movie, ExOfficio Presents Kayak Fishing: Game On! For release in Spring 2009, the film follows renowned big-game kayak angler Jim Sammons around North America on the kayak fishing adventure of a lifetime. Jim hooks up with local kayak fishing pros as he seeks out tarpon in Florida, halibut and king salmon in Alaska, tuna and marlin in Baja, stripers in Chesapeake Bay, and muskie in Canada.
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