Here is a little tip to all of you young kids who get into trouble on the water and look to get rescued. When a boat stops by to pick you up, don't spend the whole time worrying about the cost of the rescue. Oh yes, when you get back on shore make sure you thank your rescuers or else you will look like a big jerk.

That is exactly what happened to a German tourist in New Zealand. While paddling back to the launch site, currents caused him to flip over. A fishing boat stopped by to help but he hesitated as he was worried that the rescue was going to cost to much.
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Here is a little feel-good story to brighten up your Monday morning. It's a follow-up to a rescue story posted a couple of weeks ago here on the blog:

When looking out the window of his grandmother condo building, Four-year-old Carter Louisell from Michigan knew that the man floating in the water should have been in his kayak so he went to find his grandmother, Joan Van Zee for help.

Joan then went out in her own kayak to save the man and his dog.

Now, the Kent County Sheriff's Department is honouring both Carter and Joan with life-saving awards...

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Here is a great little story that took place a couple of days ago in Rockford, Michigan.

4-year-old, Carter Louisell was looking out the window of his grandmother's apartment when he noticed a man clinging to an overturned kayak.

The quick thinking boy ran and got his grandmother, Joan VanZee aged 62 who ran down to the waters edge, launched he own kayak and padded out to save the man. When she reached 30 year old Philip Storm, she put his small dog on the back of her kayak then had Storm grab onto the stern of her kayak while she pulled him back to shore.

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SPOT Satellite MessengerIt's been reported today that for the first time a Canadian (and kayaker) was rescued by using the new SPOT Satellite Messenger by Globalstar.

Derek Crook and experienced paddler from Nanaimo, British Columbia was on a 36 day expedition paddling around Tasmania when he was hit by rough seas near Conical Rocks and flung from his kayak on a reef just off shore.

Crook managed to hold on to his kayak and activate 9-1-1 on his SPOT Satellite Messenger to initiate an emergency response call. The distress message alerted the GEOS International Emergency Response Centre used by SPOT, who contacted local Tasmanian rescue authorities providing Crook's GPS coordinates.

This is the first documented rescue of a Canadian using the SPOT Satellite Messenger; three other life-saving rescues have taken place in Colorado, Alaska and Wyoming since SPOT was introduced in North America in December.
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Friday, 17 August 2007 17:51

Justin Timberlake Rescues Two Boys

Sweet JustinAfter catching up on my latest celebrity gossip, I found this little clip and couldn't resist posting. Celebrities are soooo much better then we are...

Justin Timberlake, chilling aboard a pal's yacht anchored in Marina del Rey bay, watched idly as two preteen boys paddling in a kayak suddenly stood up, began a mock sword fight using their paddles - and instantly capsized their craft, spilling into the drink!

When neither boy surfaced right away,Timberlake - in shorts and a shirt - quickly dove over the side and swam about 200 feet to where the youngsters had finally popped up. Visibly frightened, the boys were trying to right the unstable kayak - and retrieve the life jackets they should have been wearing. Justin ordered them to hold onto him, righting the kayak just as the kids' father came scooting up on a Sea-Doo.
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