Lendal Paddles LogoLendal Paddles kind of reminds me of that bad guy in the movies who just won’t die. You think that he was killed when the old creepy house collapsed on him but after 2 minutes of suspense he busts up through the floor boards back for more.

You all should know the story now about how Johnson Outdoors almost killed-off but then decided to sell-off Lendal Paddles to Celtic Paddles LTD which is owned by Nigel Dennis of Sea Kayaking UK fame.

It’s taken a while but details have finally been released about when and where new Lendal paddles will be available and it’s looking good.

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Johnson Outdoors Paddlesports, a leader in the recreational boating community, is pleased to announce the launch of two new websites for their paddling accessory brands: Extrasport® Tech Wear and PFD’s and Carlisle® Paddle Gear. Site development for Lendal® Paddles, a recent addition to the Paddlesports portfolio, is currently underway and will launch in June 2007.
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