Nick Castro @ Baynes Channel in Victoria, BC.

Here is Nick Castro from playing in a tide race at Baynes Channel inVictoria BC a couple of days ago.

I wrote him for more information about the photo and here is what he said:

This was 2 days ago at Baynes Channel, Victoria BC, our local Tide race. It was a great day with mid size to big, good small swell coming after 36hrs of SE and about 4 kn of Ebb,

That is Ben Garrett dropping in behind. We surfed until dark and it was getting better and better but too messy for night surfing.

Photo credit: Nick Castro. Used with permission.

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Ocean Paddler Magazine with Nick Castro

Congrats to fellow Paddle Canada instructor, Nick Castro for making it to the cover of Ocean Paddler Magazine.

The awesome photo was taken last winter on Quadra Island in British Columbia in the middle of Surge Narrows by Alex Mathews.

Surge Narrows is famous for is massive tidal races where incoming tide can reach 16 knots as it squeezes through the islands. Not an area for the faint of heart!

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