Flicking through a fabulous collection of our supreme leader, Kim Jong-un looking at stuff, I discovered that North Korea is using the latest and greatest in outdoor safety technology.

What do we see below on these fine-young sky divers heads? Yep, those are Pro-Tec helmets circa 1994? It goes to show that a well-designed product that is basically just moulded plastic will last forever. In fact if you go to any good white water paddling school and you are bound to see a bucket full of these bad-boys ready to be rented out to students for $5 a day.

North Korean Ski Divers

If you are keen at keeping with the latest North Koran trends you can still get one of those classic designs if you know where to look (ahem, Ebay).

Interested in seeing what else our leader approved of or at least stared at? Here is the full collection below.

Top photo credit: Reno_Whitewater_Kayak_0179 | Flickr - RenoTahoe / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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