A whole pile of kayak paddle related news come across my desk in the past week that it’s time for a paddle round-up.

Werner Paddles

New Werner Wave Pattern

Werner is adding colour options to their Camano and Shuna blades. Along with the current red, orange and amber colours, you can now order it in Azul and Jade patterns. The good news that the new patterns are the same price as if you ordered solid colours.

More info: wernerpaddles.com


H2O Performance Paddles

H2O Performance Paddles Eco-Rec Paddle

H2O is introducing a new lightweight ECO-REC paddle which is unique in that it’s made of 100% recycled nylon. It’s pretty stinkin’ light at only 950 grams.

According to the press release it has, “an advanced dihedral blade design for flutter free strokes combined with H2O’s Fast Ferrule (patent pending) system, this paddle is sure to set the benchmark in the $119 - $139 price point”.

More info: h2opaddles.com


Novorca Paddles

Novorca Paddles

Finally, Novorca Paddles has just announced a design collaboration with Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson from Kayak Ways who will be helping to design several solid and three-piece models.

There is more information in the press release below:

For those traditional paddlers who are seeking either carbon blades that reflect the design principles we have used in our wooden blades, for several seasons now, or for those of you looking for multi-section blades that are designed for air travel, overcoming the increasingly stringent size restrictions of most airlines. Articulated yet comfortable loom sections to encourage canted indexing, lenticular-sectioned blades, with sharp edges and tips that slice at entry without a sound, thus virtually eliminating cavitation.

The design has evolved from testing, and building, then testing, and building again, a series of Alaskan Yellow Cedar paddles that are affectionately called 'Razors'. We will of course continue to offer these custom paddles to folks that enjoy these very lively and resonant paddles for those of you that love solid wood paddles as much as we do.

In the last two years we have taken comments and orders from paddlers all over the world, and we have spun off the design and tested protoypes most of the summer to bring this paddle into being as a foam core carbon sectional with Ron Steinwall of Novorca fame.

In the course of our travels we have had an opportunity to test some of our students' Novorca paddles first hand. We have always been impressed with the build quality of these carbon paddles. We have been encouraging Ron to build a sectional sticks for several years now, and he has really delivered on this idea in these paddles. We think you will agree with us that these are the finest sectional GPs available.

These three piece-paddles are available for order through either Novorca or Kayak Ways, now! The carbon Kayak Ways Razor will also be available as a one-piece paddle. The inherent design principles of these paddles easily morph into other lengths and widths. More details to follow!

More info: novorca.com

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