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Ocean Paddler Magazine Visits Lake Superior

I was really excited to get an email late yesterday from Richard Parkin, the editor of Ocean Paddler Magazine announcing that the latest issue is hot off the press and available for download (print copies were going out in a day or so).

I have been waiting for this one as I had a feature article on kayaking around Michipicoten Island on Lake Superior. Since nobody except my mother would be ever interested in reading a pure trip diary type article I decided to talk more about the history of the island and why I think it’s one of the best places to paddle on Lake Superior. I wrote from the perspective that if somebody from the UK is looking to visit Canada and paddle a challenging route, Michicipicoten Island needs to be on your bucket list.

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Ocean Paddler Magazine has a subscription deal on right now that you might be interest in. If you purchase a two-year subscription (either print or digital) you get a free copy of the award winning DVD, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Volume 2.

Already own the DVD? That’s ok as you can get eight issues of Ocean Paddler for the price of six. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Also, if you are one of the owners of Apples new fancy pancy iPad (or old one) make sure you check out Ocean Paddlers’ new iPad app where you can also subscribe and read issues directly through iTunes.

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Ocean Paddler magazine cover. Issue #29

The latest issue of Ocean Paddler magazine (#29) is on the stands now and it looks fantastic.

I love the cover photo which was shot by photographer, Geir Haukursson fromDenmark. I might be wrong but it looks like it was processed using high dynamic range (HDR) which really makes the dark and light areas of the photo stand-out.

I also love the fact that the paddler is ripping it up in the surf wearing a Tulik and using a Greenland paddle. So much for only being able to use them for rolling around on flatwater would you agree?

This issue of Ocean Paddler has several great articles to read including Jeff Allen’s very informative piece about sea survival while Duncan Smith writes about what to expect when you go for your BCU 4* assessment.

Of course the magazine highlights another amazing place to paddle in their travel section. This time they write about how awesome it is to kayak around St Kilda off the west coast of Scotland.

You can pick up a six issue paper subscription for £30 (£15 digital) or get just this issue digitally for £3.

Cover photo posted with permission from Paddle Press Media.

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Valley Kayak Ad in Ocean Paddler magazine.

Reading through the latest issue of Ocean Paddler magazine I stumbled upon this ad from Valley. Not sure how long they have been doing it but it’s the first I have heard of anybody manufacture offering this service.

For a flat fee of ₤150 Valley will refurbish your old kayak. The flat fee includes all new deck lines, bungies, hatch covers (you get the old ones as spares), pressure testing of compartments and minor leaks repaired as well as a major overhaul to the skeg system.

For an extra ₤50 they will throw in a keel strip which is a super deal considering you would pay that in material alone.

You are responsible to get the boat to and from their factory so this isn’t super practical to paddlers outside the United Kingdom. The service is only available during what I presume is the factory downtime (July to December) so this is a great way to keep the staff busy during that time.

Of course there is some small print (that can’t be read in this capture) which outlines how much hole repair they will do. Generally speaking it covers small holes around leaky bulkheads and skeg boxes. It will cost extra for that large crack down the length of hull.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Valley if you need more info.

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Ocean Paddler Magazine CoverThe latest issue of Ocean Paddler magazine is now out on the newsstands. This issue includes several interesting articles including the second part of a very good technical article about kayak construction, an excellent interview with Justine Curgenven as well as a fun article by Nigel Foster on his trip to the Great Lake Sea Kayak Symposium on Lake Superior.

Also tucked in there is an article I wrote called, “Safety Gear – Location & Decisions”. The article is really about the gear decision making process and the important skill of being able to critically evaluate your safety gear and where to carry it on your person.

To get the job done, I got on the phone with pro paddlers, Bryan Smith, Ben Lawrey, Greg Stamer, Helen Wilson and Jeff Allen and hit them up with questions. It didn’t take long before they were all gabbing away and I was typing frantically trying to keep up with each of them. All paddlers love to talk about gear.

I only got into Ocean Paddler a couple of months ago as it hasn’t been available here in Toronto but I have since started reading the electronic version of it and have really enjoyed it. Its different then other sea kayaking magazines as it clearly aimed at the intermediate/advanced paddler as the articles are a bit longer and the topics are slightly more technically focused.

The last issue of Ocean Paddler is available elecrontically for free here.

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Ocean Paddler Magazine with Nick Castro

Congrats to fellow Paddle Canada instructor, Nick Castro for making it to the cover of Ocean Paddler Magazine.

The awesome photo was taken last winter on Quadra Island in British Columbia in the middle of Surge Narrows by Alex Mathews.

Surge Narrows is famous for is massive tidal races where incoming tide can reach 16 knots as it squeezes through the islands. Not an area for the faint of heart!

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