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Google’s Kayak Themed Doodle

Just in case you didn’t notice, the Olympic themed Google Doodle for today (Aug 9) is slalom canoeing (or kayaking to us North American kids).

Playing the game I quickly discovered that my virtual paddling performance was better than in real life.

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olympic judge mom

There is Olympic pressure then Olympic pressure knowing that your mother is a judge...


Kiwi kayaker Mike Dawson has to contend with mother Kay being one of the judges at his K1 slalom event - and yesterday she pinged him for touching a gate.

He still made it through to the semifinals at the Lee Valley White Water Centre in northeast London, despite the 2-second penalty, and was able to laugh off his mum's intervention.

“Mum is super into it," Dawson, from Tauranga, said. "In fact I don't think she even knows when I'm coming through.

“I hit it [gate 5] and she gave me my touch. I wasn't sure it was a touch, so we'll sort that one out later.

“I am stoked she is here judging, and the sport is set up in a way that it has no impact on the result.”

Photo credit: IAIN McGREGOR/ Fairfax NZ

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Olympic Kayak Race The Olympic Delivery Authority has just put out to tender the contact to construct the new Row and Canoe/Kayak flatwater facilities for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

So, if you have any building skills, get your proposal in soon as they want to award it towards the end of 2008 and make sure you clear up your calendar as they want to start construction in early 2009.

I'm pretty sure that I could be up for the project. I remember building a bird feeder with my father then I was 10 and that bad boy looked great up on the tree at the cottage. Not sure why any birds never used it though. Maybe it was the lack of a hole in the front...

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BARRY's BAY, Ontario - Madawaska Kanu Centre President and kayak instructor Claudia Kerckhoff-Van Wijk will join CBC Television's coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games from Bejing, China as an analyst for the kayak/canoe slalom events.
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