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The canoe and kayak industry is a pretty competitive world. Combine razor thin margins on boats and a small group of people looking to get a new boat and you need to be on your game to get people in the door buying your product.

I just got the monthly newsletter from my friends at White Squall Paddling Centre. They are one of the larger boat dealers here in Ontario. Good service, good advice and good prices are what make them a great place to go check out floating toys.

The problem is that they are located way out in the sticks. Folks from Toronto need to drive about 2.5h just to get there. Of course that was never a problem when gas was half the price 5 years ago. Now that it costs $37 to drive down the block to get milk, people are not as willing to drive so far.

So how do you tackle the problem? Pay for people’s gas when they purchase a boat. White Squall just announced that for the month of June, they will give you $1 for every 10 kilometres you drive to get to the shop. There is a cap of $100 but at the end of day unless you are driving a massive SUV you pretty much get a full tank of gas out of the deal.

Boat manufactures have also been forced to get creative as well. Jackson Kayak just a tweated that they are celebrating, “Lets Go Boating Month” and offering 10% off all new boats and 20% off blemished models. No word if you need to order direct from them or if it’s available 10% through stores.

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Palm Equipment LogoIf you have ever wanted to see what it's like inside a kayak manufacturer plant then be prepared to have all your dreams fulfilled.

Palm Equipment is a manufacturer out of the United Kingdom that sells paddling clothing, PFD’s, spray decks, as well as manufacturer Dagger kayaks for the European market.

The video is below.

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Johnson Outdoors LogoCongratulations are in order to Johnson Outdoors for their 40th Anniversary. There are not too many companies that can say they have been around for 40 years; especially in the outdoor equipment market.

Did you know that Johnson Outdoors was once part of the S.C. Johnson (A Family Company? Yes, that little gang that happily sells us Ziplock, Windex, Pledge and those cute little Scrubbing Bubbles.

In the 1970’s they spun off an outdoor equipment business known then as Johnson Camping Inc. which turned into $315 million a year company owning some of the largest outdoor brands including Necky Kayaks, Old Town Canoes, Eureka! Tents, Silva Compasses, Minn Kota (fishing motors) and Hummingbird.

So what is Johnson Outdoors doing to celebrate their big date? It isn’t a night out to the movies no sir. They decided to do something nice and help their local community. The 1,300 employees are marking the occasion with food drives to help those in need. All non-perishable items collected by employees in each location will be donated to free food banks in their respective local community.

“My father used to say that money didn’t make things better, people did. That’s why giving back to our communities is not just be measured in dollars, but more importantly in service - giving one's time and talents to help make every place a better place because we are there. Theda and John are great examples of how individuals can make a big difference to make the lives of many others better,” said Ms. Helen Johnson-Leipold, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Mad River Canoe LogoEASLEY, S.C. and SEATTLE, Wash. - The last time iconic outdoor American brands Eddie Bauer and Mad River Canoe teamed up in 1984, they powered Valerie Fons and Verlen Kruger to a World Speed Record for canoeing the Mississippi – from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico in 23 days. Today, the occasion is a celebration of years versus days, as Mad River Canoe is partnering with Eddie Bauer to celebrate the Seattle company’s 90th Anniversary with a special edition Mad River Explorer 16 Kevlar canoe.

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The Paddle Council, a coalition of top paddlesports manufacturers, retailers and stakeholders, dedicated to the advancement and sustainability of the industry, is pleased to announce the group will be hosting a breakfast at Outdoor Retailer for those associated with the paddlesport industry.

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Obama SailboatU.S. President Obama's administration has enabled the nautical industry to take part in the new stimulus package to take advantage of the "zero carbon" benefits of sailing. This is a bid to help strengthen the failing sailing industry.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said, "This will be not only good for the environment but for all my friends in the Bay Area who love sailing."
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