Pyranha LogoThis is not news you want to wake up to reading, let alone just before Christmas.

Alan Catterall, a 51 year-old staff member at Pyranha Mouldings died yesterday (December 23) who was thought to have been cleaning out the giant oven used for moulding whitewater kayaks.

There are not a lot of details at this time and the local Cheshire police are investigating the incident to find out what happened.

I wanted to pass along my condolences to the family and can’t imagine what they are going through at this time. My thoughts are also with the employees of Pyranha Mouldings as it a terrible accident.

Pyranaha Mouldings is the parent company of Pyranha Kayaks as well as Venture Canoes & Kayaks and P&K Kayaks.

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Nantahala Outdoor CenterNantahala Outdoor Center announces the recipients of the 2010 “Paddlesports Manufacturer of the Year” awards, Britain’s Pyranha USA, Inc. as top kayak manufacturer and Northwest River Supply of Moscow, ID as top paddlesports accessory manufacturer.

Pyranha is recognized as “Kayak Manufacturer of the Year” for its design innovation as well as exemplary dealer and customer support. The high-performance Molan playboat is one of the most successful new freestyle boats in recent years, and the Fusion crossover kayak is the category favorite among Nantahala Outdoor Center’s (NOC) paddlesports staff. Together, these boats have created considerable hype in the industry and amongst paddlers in 2010.

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