This past Monday, a concerned citizen called BC search and rescue saying that a paddle boarder was struggling out in gale-force winds and need help.

Crews geared up and went out to save the day only to find it was Canadian Olympic medallist triathlete, Simon Whitfield who was fine and told the SAR techs that he was, "having a blast in the swells."

All of the excitement took place in the Enterprise Channel off Oak Bay shores just outside Victoria, BC.

"Search-and-rescue [members] are volunteers and I felt badly that they dropped what they were doing and put on all their gear to come out for me," he said, adding they were "all class" on Twitter.

While he had all the gear including PFD and a drysuit, his would be rescuers suggested to him that he carry a VHF radio when out on the board as he could have responded to the general marine broadcast on Channel 16 and let everyone know he was not in difficulty.

Simon Whitfield has had a hugely successful triathlon career. Before retiring 2013 he won the Canadian triathlon championships 10 consecutive times along with gold in the 2000 and silver in the 2008 Olympics.

Glad his adventure turned out ok in the end.

Photo credit: Simon Whitfield

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National Maritime Museum Cornwall is about to open a brand new exhibition focused on search and rescue and celebrating the work of the RNLI, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, HM Coastguard and other organisations.

By all accounts this will be one of their largest interactive exhibitions which will include a 70ft Sea King helicopter (of course you get to climb inside) and check out a Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) Atlantic 75 inshore lifeboat. Kids (and adults) will be excited to dress up as a rescue pilot, play with lifesaving equipment or become a virtual lifeguard. Nerds will be happy to explore the history and technological advancements of rescue equipment.

The exhibition opens 16 March 2012 and runs until March 2014.

Photo Credit: RNLI

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Lost: Search and Rescue Dog

I’m never one to look a gift horse on the mouth but I don’t know if I want this guy trying to find me if/when they ever find him.

Via: Criggo

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Floating KayakThe US Coast Guard is urging all paddlers to label their watercraft with their name and contact information.
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