Sad outdoor industry news to share. The manufacturing shop for Sterling Kayaks in Bellingham, WA burned to the ground today. The building and all its contents was a complete loss. Early reports speculate it could be from something faulty in the electrical wiring.

I really hope they are able to get back on their feet soon as they have put out some really cutting edge designs over the past couple of years. So good in fact that Outside Magazine named their Reflection as best boat of the year for 2012. I got to demo one this fall and boy was it fun to surf with.

More info: Sterling Kayaks Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Sterling Kayaks

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Sterling Kayaks LogoThere is a bit of an upset at the Outside Magazine Gear of the Year awards this year. Rather then awarding the best boat category to one of the major players (Confluence, Johnson, etc.) Outside gave the honours to the Sterling Reflection.

Haven’t heard of Steling Kayaks you say? I don’t blame you as not many have. Right now they are a small hidden secret amongst some rough-water paddlers on the West Coast of North America. Think of the Sterling Reflection as the cool hip band that your teenage nephew saw in concert nine months before they became popular.

The Sterling Reflection is described by the designers, Reg Lake and Sterling Donalson on their Geocities inspired website as a “playful multipurpose craft that will excel where control is the primary goal, be it in wind, currents, waves, chop, obstacles, explorations, instructional or teaching situations.

sterling kayaks reflection

I know it gets great reviews from Rowan Gloag from The Hurricane Riders as well as Warren Williamson who you have most likely seen on YouTube paddling with his Greenland Blade at DeceptionPass.

Posted boat specs:

Length overall - 15’ 11 3/8”
Beam - 23 1/8”
Cockpit size - 17 1/4” x 31 3/4”
Cockpit coaming height – Forward - 13”, Aft - 8 1/4”
Height of seat - 1 1/8”
Weight - 41 to 55 lbs.

Published in Industry Stuff

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