Suunto has announced the availability of the Ambit, a new model to their extensive line of wrist top computers. The Ambit is aimed towards backcountry hikers, skiers, mountain climbers and comes equipped with a built in GPS navigation system, altimeter, heart rate monitoring system and a 3D compass. This isn’t Suunto’s first GPS enabled watch (if you can call it that) but it is one of the first that doesn’t look like you are carrying a brick on your wrist.

Under the hood of the Ambit has some really interesting technology built in. It has a built in accelerometer that when combined with the GPS is supposed to provide more accurate speed data and a faster response time to speed fluctuations while running or hiking.

To help maximize battery life, the GPS and heart rate functions can be turned off. Expect the rechargeable lithium-ion battery to last about 15 hours with every feature running and 100 hours under normal operation. That might not sound like a long time but you need to remember that this is a tool developed for training or multi-use where you can access a charging source on a semi-regular basis.

Another cool sounding feature of this unit is that you can download and track your training stats on They have also developed the ability to upgrade the operating system with new features through the same website.

Here are some of the Abmit functions from the press release:

Specialized outdoor functions of the Suunto Ambit include: Full-featured GPS (SIRF IV) navigations with Find Waypoint functionality with route planning, tracking and track logging, 100 waypoint creations in watch and, location in multiple coordinate systems, 3D compass (including military scale), barometric altitude, temperature.

Advanced training functions include: accurate and highly responsive pace with FusedSpeed™, heart rate functionality, including real-time training effect, recovery time, accurate vertical speed with a barometric altimeter and online sports diary with planning and analysis tools in

Look for the Ambit to be at your local camping store sometime mid to end of March with a price point of about $500 or $500 if you want the wireless heart rate monitor strap.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2008 11:23

The expensive weekend of lost gear

It started out this past Friday night when we discovered that the video rental card was missing. I had to replace it but it cost me $2.50. That was ok said the guy at the video store because if I found the old one later, they would buy the replacement card back. Things were looking good.

Suunto Vector Saturday morning things didn't look so good anymore when I discovered mid morning that my Suunto Vector watch was missing from my wrist. I never go anywhere without it as you never know when you might need to do an emergency barometer reading.

I'm really not sure where it went but we looked all over the house to no avail. The band could have broke and it fell off on the street somewhere or; it could be sitting right under my nose squirreled away somewhere in the kids costume collection. Ugh. Still on the hunt though.

Could it get worse? Don't worry, it did.

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Suunto LogoSuunto Core took the glory in one of the most renowned and hardest-fought international design competitions by winning the "red dot: best of the best" award in the red dot-design competition in Germany.
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Suunto Logo Sunnto recently unveiled a new wristtop recycling program for worn out and broken units by partnering with fellow Stena Technoworld, to recycle those wristops and components and have them remade into various other metal products for a variety of companies.

"Every single part is recycled as well as possible," says Riku Mikkonen, Suunto's Global Customer Care Manager, "parts that can't be recycled, mainly plastics, will be used in energy waste."

Each Suunto office and warehouse across the globe is gathering up any imperfect pieces and keeping them in large storage bins until they are shipped to Finland for recycling.

To find your closest drop off location or to recycle your broken unit, contact Sunnto.

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Suunto LogoSuunto, makers of fine wrist-top computers are looking for people to contribute to their Suunto family album.

They are on the hunt for original stories and photos of people using their Suunto watches.

From weekend warriors who jog the local trails, or working moms with limited time at the gym, holiday divers, or even top-level athletes - we are looking for authentic stories that will inspire others.

Hurry and get writing. The deadline is January 2, 2008. If you win, your story will be published on the Suunto website, newsletter and printed marketing material. Oh yes, you will also win a new Suunto wrist-top computer up to 300 euros. For you Americans, that's like $25 USA bucks...

Enter the contest here.
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Thursday, 18 October 2007 06:16

New Suunto Wrist-top Computers

Suunto Core and Lumi ModelsFor many years, Suunto has been building watches (wrist-top computers) for people who love the outdoors. Their most popular model, the Vector has been the standard watch for many years with onboard functions like barometric altimeter, thermometer, barometer, electronic compass, multiple time zones and multiple alarms. It's a great watch with big number making it easy to tell the time when you are surfing down the wave cause that is when I'm thinking, "what time is it?"

With the big numbers comes the biggest complaint of Suunto watches. They are huge, thick and urbanites think they are ugly. Also, it doesn't look good on dainty woman's wrists.

Suunto has just released two new models, the Lumi for woman and the Core for fashionistas.

The Lumi is a thinner model that looks great. It has all the same core features that you would want in a wrist-top computer (they don't like the term watch) including thermometer, storm alarm, and digital compass. They have also released the model as a pendant with no wrist strap allowing you to lose it quicker.

The Core has similar features to the vector but is slightly more precise including a slew of software and user interface upgrades. It also looks fantastic.

I absolutely love my Suunto watch. Those who already own one will agree with me. They have a huge variety of models with different features so you can find the unit with the features you are actually going to use.

Finally, not many people know this but they also have a fantastic warranty program. Like everything else they have a standard replacement warranty which is I believe three-years. If you break your unit after the warranty expires, you can send it in (through your point of purchase) and purchase a replacement watch at a significant discount. That is great for the hard-core users that wear their watch out in 5-6 years like I have.

More info:
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Friday, 24 August 2007 18:15

Paddler Raft-up for August 24, 2007

Almost done!
23 days into their "Chasing the Anna" expedition, Derrick and Taino are ¾ the way around Puerto Rico. They made it through Hurricane Dean. [Link]
Sunscreen Confusion
Outside Blog has an interesting post about what SPF means in sunscreen. They report on a couple improvements the FDA is trying to implement for package labeling. [Link]

Keeping Maine's boaters safe
The Kennebec Journal in Maine asks the question: Are we doing what we can and should do to keep Maine's boaters safe? It gives an interesting primer at mandatory boater education for all boats including canoes and kayaks.

"Boating safety is analagous to hunter safety," says a 2007 report issued by a state group studying the possibility of a Maine mandatory boater education course. "Until mandatory hunter safety was implemented Maine experienced many hunting related shootings including numerous fatalities. Once mandatory hunter education and mandatory hunter orange clothing were required, hunting related shootings decreased significantly." [Link]

MSR Reactor StoveThe Reactor is coming!
MSR has finally started shipping is long delayed Reactor Stove. Everybody seems to be really excited about it. [Link]

BCU Syllabus Change Summery
Mark Tozer recently posted a great summery of many of the changes about to happen to the BCU kayaking instruction program. It looks really promising. I'm a big fan of the new kids curriculum. [Link]

Calling all Gear Junkies!
Kayak Journal Podcast has posted a pile (and I mean a pile) of great video casts reporting on the latest gear from OR. If you want to find out what Werner, Bending Branches, Suunto, Delta Kayaks, Wenonah, Watershed, Surefire, Smith Optics, Optimus, Teva or Kokatat are working on for next season, head on over! [Link]

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