Here is a tip to all you would-be kayak thieves out there. If you steal a hand-made wooden kayak, don't offer to sell it back to the owner when they approach you at your local beach.

The Bellingham Herald has the full story:

The kayak was stolen some time overnight July 7 from the roof of the [Washington state] victim's vehicle. The woman reported it missing July 8 and told police the kayak had wooden inlay all over it [similar to the kayak pictured above].

Then on July 27, the owner was at Howard Amon Park in Richland putting people into kayaks when she saw her own kayak on the water.

The woman reported that Luke paddled up to the beach and offered to let her buy the kayak, court documents said. She identified the kayak as belonging to her, then asked someone to call Richland police.

When officers arrived, she showed them a picture of the stolen kayak which matched the one that Luke was trying to sell, documents said.

He claimed he had seen the kayak earlier on top of a car and wanted it, so he told a man named "Nick" to steal it for him and in exchange Nick would get a bicycle from Luke.

Photo credit: Creative Commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by dwstucke:

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Thief Uses a Kayak to Help Steal a Safe

Over the years we have covered several examples of shady people using kayaks for shady purposes including using their kayak as a drug mule, a get-away vehicle, a transportation method for border jumpers or a method to fake your death for insurance fraud.

What could be a first for kayak related travel; deputies in Wahpeton, North Dakota believe that a kayak played a key role in helping a burglar steal a safe on from the local bar.

It seems that the thief used a stolen kayak to help float the safe across the local lake to his waiting car.

The article doesn't make any mention to the size of the safe but our crack investigation team put together this artist's representation of how it could have looked from shore. Thank goodness the thief had the foresight to wear a lifejacket.

More info:
Flickr photo credit: Michigan Sea Grant


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It’s been a bad week for kayak thefts.

The Seaward Kayaks storage compound in Chemainus, British Columbia was broken into over the weekend and had six thermoform kayaks stolen.

This was posted on their facebook page:

Well, Seaward kayaks was broken into & robbed at the weekend. We have two separate fences, outer & inner, with barbed wire on them. Our compound is not easily accessed & is highly visible.

5 kayaks were stolen - all new thermoform kayaks:

Intrigue - Mango - QKN03465 I 212
Intrigue - Red - QKN03466 I 212
Halo 130 - Yellow - QKN03420 G 212
Compass 140 - Mango - QKN03461 I 212
Compass 140 - Mango - QKN03405 G 212

So, if you are offered a new thermoform Seaward Kayak, please let us know - we'd appreciated it!

Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer's stolen kayaks.

Just as heartbreaking is news that Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer just had their Tahe Marine Greenland kayaks stolen from the roof of their car.

Mark posted this today:

Please be aware that two Tahe Marine Greenland kayaks have been stolen from the roof of Helen's car. One is the distinctive all black one featured in the DVD. The other is white decked and black hulled. The theft occurred on the Canadian side of the Peace Arch Border. Please spread the word!!!

I feel terrible about these thefts. If you live in the British Columbia/Washington State area keep an eye out on your local used gear bulletin boards as they are sure to end up there. It’s not like these are easy to stash somewhere...

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Stand-up Paddle (SUP) Surfer at Pillar Rock (just north of Morro Rock)

Looks like somebody decided to steal a $1,200 SUP board by renting it from Half Moon Bay Kayak Company in California then calling the Coast Guard with a fake water rescue as a red herring.

The rescue effort included a helicopter, several watercraft and a large Coast Guard cutter that was stationed in the Bay Area.

Suspicions about the supposed victim, who gave false information to a rental company, have led some to believe the man was never lost at sea, but rather stole the $1,200 paddleboard.

"It was calm, it was sunny - people don't just disappear on a day like that," said Chris Manchester, an employee at HMB Kayak. "We're pretty darn sure that he actually stole it."

More info:

Photo credit: Stand-up Paddle (SUP) Surfer at Pillar Rock (just north of Morro Rock) / Mike Baird / CC BY 2.0

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Northwest Outdoor Center LogoI saw this posted by Sea Kayaker Magazine on the old Facebook so I wanted to pass it along just in case you hadn’t seen it.

This really sucks. Recently Northwest Outdoor Center had 23 Werner paddles and 10 Kokatat dry suits stolen. Obviously the thieves will try to move the goods. The cops have a feeling the stuff has left the area, but if you see good deals on Craigs List or your favourite paddling message board, be aware. Please contact the Seattle Police Dept or NWOC, [email protected]?com 206-281-96?94.[/blockquote]

Update: User, irened over on the Professor Paddle forum posted an update with a bit more information about what was taken:

[blockquote]Yes it was a break-in, after the July 4th fireworks I guess.  Herbie said the suits (12 actually) were 3 cobalt and 4 mango Gortex, and 5 blue Tropos, all men's except for one - plus the 23 paddles.  Thanks again![/blockquote]

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Wilderness Systems Pungo

Roger Zahradnik from OshkoshWI didn’t have a good day back on June 28th when he was on his way out of town on a camping trip towing a trailer with two kayaks. Things were going well until one of the kayaks came loose, flew off the back of the trailer and landed in the ditch on the side of the road.

Roger quickly turned around but by the time he was able to get back to the boat it had already been stolen by vehicle also going in the same direction on the highway.

According to the Door County Advocate, police are looking for a white box truck seen in the area carrying a stolen green Wilderness Systems Pungo in the back.

Ahh the Pungo. That classic kayak that was so popular to make fun of via online video from a while back.

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Palm Equipment LogoHere is a quick tip to business owners out there. If you are thinking of sacking one of your staff do it at the end of the day and watch them like a hawk until they are out the door.

Something happened at Palm Equipment this past winter and Lewis Day found himself getting called into the boss’s office where he was told that his time at Palm was done.

Somehow he was able to ship two packages to a friends house (on the companies courier account btw). The packages contained approximately 12 dry suits.

His super genius plan was foiled when somebody noticed that the eBay market was flooded with new suits and notified Palm; but not after £3,189 of gear was sold-off.

Palm was able to trace the missing gear back to the fired staff after checking through their shipping manifests and discovering the shipments with no payments received.

Police quickly tracked Lewis Day down and this week he was given a 12-month community sentence including 240 hours of volunteer work. He also ordered to pay back £2,023 in compensation and £85 in costs.

Full story:

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JudgeI have a feeling that Jared Lock won’t be employee of the month for quite some time as he was recently charged with the theft of over $27,960 from the small outdoor shop he was working at in New Zealand.

Items taken included skis, ski boots, tents, camping gear, chilli bins, backpacks, a kayak and Icebreaker brand merino clothing.

The police searched Lock's house on November 13 and found a number of stolen items, including 20 stolen tents – eight of these were considered faulty and he had agreed to throw them away for the store.

Among other located items were skis, chilly bins, gas cookers and 12 items of clothing. Lock admitted stealing the goods, saying he needed the cash because he was in financial strife, and he used the money he got from the stolen items to pay for his vehicle and lifestyle.

You can read the full story here with the elaborate plan for selling the stuff off via online auctions.

Needless to say the judge wasn’t too happy with him and remanded Lock until January 19th for sentencing.

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Anybody who doesn’t believe in natural selection should read the article below:

Newspaper Clipping


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1000 Islands Kayak Company

There is a mystery a brewing on the St. Lawrence River in Ontario and it involves friend of the site, Scott Ewart, owner of 1000 Islands Kayak Company.

The other day the staff at in Gananoque, Ontario rented a kayak to a customer who wanted to take it out for a couple hours. The staff watched him paddle off across the river towards MacDonald Island (about 15 min paddle away) but got concerned and called police when he didn’t return at closing time.

Now two days later the police have yet to turn up any signs of the man or his rented kayak. Since then police have turned up information that the individual’s final destination was the US side of the river.

The local news did a report on the case (embedded below) but as you will see it’s a little vague on some of the key details of the story. It would seem strange that the kayak rental company would send somebody out in one of their boats without a credit card deposit or at least a name and waiver signed yet the article made no mention of that.

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