From the guys who brought you Paddle to Seattle, Go Ganges!

This is easily one of the funniest adventure films since…well, the last time I watched Paddle toSeattle.

Here is the YouTube description: Two friends travel a holy river by any means possible; their journey is in search of enlightenment and trying not to get killed in the process of finding it.

Update: Looks like the film should be available January 2012.

More info:

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010 20:44

Kayaking 4 Kidz DVD Trailer

Kayak 4 Kidz DVD

Here is a trailer for an upcoming DVD called Kayaking 4 Kidz which is an instructional video for kids who are interested in getting into whitewater kayaking. It's supposed to be released by Rapid Transit Video but after poking around on their site for a bit, I couldn’t find anything. The trailer looks great though.

Should be out shortly if it isn’t already.

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Thursday, 16 December 2010 23:58

Short Film: The Search for The Book of Legends

The Book of Legends
I recently stumbled upon this really interesting whitewater kayaking expedition short film about a group of European paddlers working their way down the Bashkaus River Canyon in Siberia in search of The Book of Legends.

The book of legends is a record book of everybody who has made it through a treacherous set of rapids where; in 1974 a group of paddlers died during the first decent of the river.

It’s a great video that has a very interesting short story and fantastic cinematography. Just put your blinder on during the first minute so you don’t burn your eyes looking at naked bums sun tanning. It’s safe for work except for those 2.2 seconds.

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Sea Kayaking UK just released a quick teaser trailer for a Kayaking DVD they are working on. The good news is that it’s focusing on rough water paddling. The bad news is that they are going to be working on it over the next year.

Looks good so far.

Thanks to On Kayaks for the video lead.

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C-TUG Trolley

I recently found out about the C-Tug kayak trolley system. I have never used the product and it looks like a very promising idea. Except for an alloy axel, it’s completely made of plastic so there are no parts to rust in salt water. Besides the all plastic design, the key feature for me is the fact that it can actually be broken down and stored in a hatch while you go on your paddle. Over the years I have seen several great looking trolleys but they either don’t break down at all or their broken down state is still so big that you need to strap it to the top of your kayak to carry it with you. To me that’s a serious design flaw.

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