Here is something you don’t see every day, a helicopter dropping off sea kayaks to some remote location at the start of a trip.

I have no idea of when or where it was shot but it was uploaded to Steve Ruskay’s YouTube account who has been a long-term sea kayak guide in northern Canada and Greenland for Black Feather for many years.

All I can say is that there is a lot trust put into the strength of those deck lines or end toggle not to break!

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Here is some guy getting a free canoe ride on Lake Nipigon, Ontario circa 1930's after tying a rope to the antlers of an elk caribou.

It came from the historical photo collection of the Thunder Bay Museum.

Thanks to Dave Clements for sharing it on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Thunder Bay Museum


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I don’t care what my wife says; we are remortgaging the house tomorrow and buying this semi-submarine on Friday. Once I’m done exploring the Toronto Harbour I’m totally going to cruise out and show up that jerk, James Cameron and with my own Mariana Trench dive.

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I would like to introduce you to Kiviak, a traditional winter foodstuff consumed by Greenlandic Inuits. It’s made from a seal carcass stuffed with fermented birds.

From Gizmodo:

Kiviak is relatively simply to make. First, collect approximately 400 Auks. Then, stuff them-beaks, feathers, feet, and all-into the hollowed-out body cavity of a seal, Tauntaun-style. Next, press out as much air as possible from the carcass and seal it with seal grease to prevent spoilage. Finally cover the meat bag with a large rock pile for approximately 3-18 months. During this time, the Auks ferment within the seal until they can be eaten-raw. Thanks to a layer of fat within the seal sack, the Auks soften while they ferment allowing every part of the bird-save feathers-to be consumed.

If you are into traditional Greenland kayaking it’s time to step it up a notch and make sure Kiviak is on the menu at the next Greenland paddling symposium.

Image Credit: Inga Sørensen

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Canoe Motorcycle Sidecar

Check out this old photo of a motorcycle sidecar with a quick-detachable canoe. I can’t believe that the side car was an actual commercial item available in 1927-1927.

You can see more unusual canoe sidecars on the always entertaining Paddle Making blog.

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JudgeI have a feeling that Jared Lock won’t be employee of the month for quite some time as he was recently charged with the theft of over $27,960 from the small outdoor shop he was working at in New Zealand.

Items taken included skis, ski boots, tents, camping gear, chilli bins, backpacks, a kayak and Icebreaker brand merino clothing.

The police searched Lock's house on November 13 and found a number of stolen items, including 20 stolen tents – eight of these were considered faulty and he had agreed to throw them away for the store.

Among other located items were skis, chilly bins, gas cookers and 12 items of clothing. Lock admitted stealing the goods, saying he needed the cash because he was in financial strife, and he used the money he got from the stolen items to pay for his vehicle and lifestyle.

You can read the full story here with the elaborate plan for selling the stuff off via online auctions.

Needless to say the judge wasn’t too happy with him and remanded Lock until January 19th for sentencing.

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Anybody who doesn’t believe in natural selection should read the article below:

Newspaper Clipping


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Kayak Battleship

You see? True sea lovers go authentic.

I'm not sure if I would paddle ahead and risk getting shot or behind and risk running over a mine. Acually, I think I would join a different group...

Thanks to @Matik72 for the photo.
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