Mobile Phone into survival tools info graphic.

Next time you get stick in the wilderness with only your busted phone follow the tips on the info-graphic below. I'm pretty sure this will get you out of your bad situation in no time flat. That is, unless you have a fallen rock on your hand. In that case you will need to wait at least 127 hours.

You can thank me later for all this extra knowledge...

Cheap guy tip: Remember to try not to break anything when disassembling your phone so you can still try to make a warranty claim when you get back.

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doritos as kindling

This little nugget of advice could save your life if you happen find yourself car camping at your local state park and run out of kindling. That being said, it would be a real shame to waste those Doritos on a life-giving fire.

I found this handy little tip on the greatest website of all time. Make sure you check out 99 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier. You will thank me later.

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Empty ClassroomOver the weekend, I adjusted the layout slightly for the downloadable teaching resources section of our little website. Hopefully it should be a little easier navigate through and download.

For the past couple of months, I have been looking around off and on for start charts for the Southern Hemisphere with little luck. Yesterday I finally found a great set for each month available in pdf format.
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