Sad to hear that Harlan Taney was forced to abort his attempt to break the speed record for paddling down the 277 mile Colorado River. His goal was to catch a scheduled flood release to help push him down the length in just over 24h. The current record is 36 hours.

Things went wrong at mile 82 when his Epic 18X touring kayak got pinned on some rocks at Grapevile Rapids and he broke his elbow (ouch).

Harlan is ok but he had to swim another three miles before he could hike back out of the canyon.

Here is the press release announcing the record attempt while local Arizona public radio covered the sad news of the accident.

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Appleton Academy Kayaking Rolling World Record Attempt

Want to be a world record holder? Get yourself out to Denholme, Bradford in the United Kingdom this Saturday, July 9 and participate in the world record attempt to beat the “most number of canoes/kayaks performing eskimo rolls at a single venue”. The current record number is 100 people which in my head shouldn’t be to hard to beat.

The £5 registration fee includes the shot at group glory, activities and boat demonstrations throughout the day and a complimentary hog roast at the end of the event.

It’s being organized by Appleton Academy and you can find more info including the registration form on their website.

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Guinness Record Attempt - Photo Credit: Andy Corra

Long distance kayaker, Andy Corra has officially been certified by Guinness as the official record holder for the longest distance in a canoe or kayak in a 24 hour period.

Back on June Andy started in Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada and paddled 434.06 km (269.71 mi) before taking a break twenty four hours later.

The former record was 261 miles.

Guinness Record Certificate. Photo Credit: Andy Corra

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