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Aquapac Unveils Waterproof iPad Case

Aquapac has just announced a 100%-waterproof case for the iPad.

It’s got a couple of appealing features compared to other waterproof cases on the market including the large twist and clamp opening. When the three camps are closed you know that there is a 100%-waterproof seal.

The other thing that looks very appealing is the 3.5mm nickel-plated earphone socket that allows you to watch movies yet keep the waterproof integrity of the bag intact.

The MSRP is around $60 US.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011 15:01

Rapid Media First in Apple's Newsstand App

Rapid Media Newsstand iPad App

Rapid, Adventure Kayak, Canoeroots and Kayak Angler magazines are the first paddling and fishing magazines in Apple’s Newsstand launched with iOS 5 on the iPad and iPhone.

In the first week on Newsstand, Rapid Media digital app downloads increased 957 percent, subscription sales jumped 200 percent and single copy downloads increased by 20 percent.

“We’re pretty excited,” says Founder and Publisher Scott MacGregor. “Newsstand puts our magazines and paddling front and center on 115 million iPads and iPhones around the world. And, when we release a new issue it is delivered automatically to our readers’ home screen for download.”

Rapid Media launched its first iPad app in August 2010 making it the first paddling and fishing magazine (and first Canadian magazine, period) in Apple’s App Store.

In June of this year, Rapid Media launched three new branded apps and rebranded the existing app to Kayak Angler giving each title its own app. “Once each magazine has its own app, we filled them with ten years of back issues,” says MacGregor. “Not only can readers get the latest issue, they have access to our archives as far back as 2002.”

Rapid Media apps are now on over 42,000 Apple devices around the world. To download the apps search in Newsstand by title - RapidAdventure KayakCanoeroots or Kayak Angler.

Newsstand is a new application in iOS 5 that acts as a folder for magazine and newspaper subscriptions. The app automatically downloads new content and alerts the reader. It also offers access to a specific subscriptions section of the App Store making it easier for readers to find their favourite paddling magazines.

Rapid Media has been the leader in paddlesports media since 1999. Rapid Media publishes Rapid, Adventure KayakCanoeroots & Family Camping, and Kayak Anglermagazines, and produces the Reel Paddling Film Festival and Rapid Media

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Erik Jackson checking in at work. Image credit:

Apple LogoJackson Kayak just got a massive marketing boost this week by getting profiled by Apple (yes, that Apple). Jackson Kayak was highlighted as a company that uses Apple products (iPhone and iPad) extensively throughout the entire manufacturing process by JK employees.

Apple produced a very slick 2.5 minute video where company president where Erik Jackson and Chief Financial Officer Dave Olson introduces us to the company and talks about how using Apple products has really changed the way that they do business.

“We’ve been surprised how people have responded when we've given them iPhones and iPads,” says Dave Olson, Chief Financial Officer. “We were getting more time and more engagement from every employee that had an iPhone. So we got everyone an iPhone.”

Two really cool applications they make extensive use of are Facetime and the Square. For example, the staff use Facetime to quickly communicate with other staff (who might be out of the office) and to get a visual confirmation if the boat in question is a blem or not.

Jackson Kayak also makes use of the super cool Square credit card reader. It’s a small widget that plugs directly into the iPhone headphone jack and turns the whole thing into a portable credit card reader. Perfect for then they are out on the road.

It’s an interesting article and you can read the full thing here.

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Jackson Kayak iPhone Mobile

Jackson Kayak has always had a reputation as an innovative and media savvy company so it makes sense that they are one of the first in the paddling community to roll out a custom iPhone app called Jackson Kayak Mobile.

The app brings together the many different parts of Jackson Kayak’s social media element in one handy mobile location. You can easily pick up the latest Jackson news, online videos and photos. They also have an overview of their entire kayak line for easy browsing. One of the more innovative features of the app is the built in chat room. There you can connect with other Jackson Kayak fans through quick messages as well as post photos for others to see.

I think the Jackson Kayak app is a very good start but like all software that is version 1.0, it has some elements that should be improved before it really takes off.

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To help boaters and anglers find boat ramps right in the palm of their hand, the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) today announced the launch of the Take Me Fishing ‘Boat Ramps’ application for iPhone and Droid phones. The free app, which is available in the Apple iTunes store and in the Droid Marketplace, features more than 35,000 boat ramps across the country.

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