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Thursday, 28 May 2009
King CepheusFor about a year now I have been following along with the website, Universe Today. It's a great about anything to do about space and what's going on up there along with news about related matters down here.

Most times, it's pretty technical and over my head though recently they have been expanding my favourite section of their blog, Astronomy for Kids.

Astronomy for Kids is just what you think it is; great information about stars and constellations with piles of information that would interest kids (and me). For example, today they posted a fun article about the constellation, Cepheus and tell the story about King Cepheus who was such a nice king that he was awarded the honour of being the king in the sky.

The thing that I always like about their postings is that they give good information how to find the constellation then post fun legend or fun fact that you can plant in the back of your head and bring it out the next time you are out camping with friends or guiding a trip. Clients love that sort of thing and helps make the outdoor experience that much more real for them.

Stop by Universe Today and specifically their Astronomy for Kids section. It's always a good read.

Photo credit: Universe Today

David Johnston

David Johnston

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