Risk Management

Sunday, 25 March 2007 19:06

Human Brain a Poor Judge of Risk

The human brain is a fascinating organ, but it's an absolute mess. Because it has evolved over millions of years, there are all sorts of processes jumbled together rather than logically organized. Some of the processes are optimized for only certain kinds of situations, while others don't work as well as they could. There's some duplication of effort, and even some conflicting brain processes.
In a landmark 10-year study, the Canadian Red Cross, together with its partners, has compiled critical information on drownings in Canada. One of the key factors identified in boating-related drowning deaths in Canada is not wearing a PFD or lifejacket.
Wednesday, 13 September 2006 18:21

Paddling with Wisdom

"Oh Summer paddling, happens so fast...Oh Summer paddling, gives me a wet @$$ (rump)..." Just like the song from the classic movie "Grease" people suddenly find themselves getting the itch or back into dipping their blades. With paddling sports offering an excellent opportunity for you to explore the water, then woods; folks are flocking in increasing droves. The places are abound and given you are playing in their world, wildlife has no choice but to interact. I have taught several now in the ways of the paddle and I recollect a query from one student after a wet exit practice from a Kayak comment "This paddling thing is pretty good stuff, is there any way you can do so and not get wet?" I did have to collect myself a bit and returned with - "I assume only one thing when I do a water activity; I am getting, in some way shape or form, wet!" In fact, your biggest trick in the Maritime Provinces (key word - maritime) is staying wet and warm. I did applaud the individual for growing the most important tool you need in your tool box though - their brain. By taking a course this individual acquired a solid perspective on rescue, personal skill ability and the reality checks on some of the actual risks taken when out on the water.

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