Canadian Rescued Off Tasmanian Coast After Sending Distress Message Using SPOT Satellite Messenger

Thursday, 06 March 2008
SPOT Satellite MessengerIt's been reported today that for the first time a Canadian (and kayaker) was rescued by using the new SPOT Satellite Messenger by Globalstar.

Derek Crook and experienced paddler from Nanaimo, British Columbia was on a 36 day expedition paddling around Tasmania when he was hit by rough seas near Conical Rocks and flung from his kayak on a reef just off shore.

Crook managed to hold on to his kayak and activate 9-1-1 on his SPOT Satellite Messenger to initiate an emergency response call. The distress message alerted the GEOS International Emergency Response Centre used by SPOT, who contacted local Tasmanian rescue authorities providing Crook's GPS coordinates.

This is the first documented rescue of a Canadian using the SPOT Satellite Messenger; three other life-saving rescues have taken place in Colorado, Alaska and Wyoming since SPOT was introduced in North America in December.

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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