Duly Quoted: Helen Skelton [Kayak World Records]

Tuesday, 02 March 2010
Helen Skelton
[blockquote]“The boat sinking was depressing but the worst thing was the sea sickness. The day I crossed the halfway line, I became seasick. Obviously if I threw up over the side I’d have capsized into it so I just had to throw up over myself.”

-Helen Skelton[/blockquote]

Helen Skelton; in an interview with The Metro where she describes the worst part of her world record breaking kayak trip down the Amazon River.  This past Sunday (February 28, 2010) she completed the 3,235km solo kayak expedition.

The full interview can be found here.

Helen Skelton and her Nemo Kayak by KayakPro

For those who are wondering, Helen is paddling a Nemo by KayakPro and (though I could be wrong) a Werner Skagit paddle with the logo airbrushed out in the top photo.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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