Looking for a Unique Vacation? Visit the Great Pacific Garbage Patch this July

Monday, 28 February 2011

Plastic Ocean

Do you have $10,000 to spend on a vacation but have no idea where to go? Do I have the trip for you…

Algalita Marine Research Foundation has partnered with Pangaea Explorations for a 21 day scientific voyage through the North pacific Gyre. For $10,000 you and 14 other people can ride aboard their 72-foot racing sailboat, Sea Dragon (good name btw) and head out to visit the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Why would you want to go out there you might ask? It’s in the name of science.

"We'll be looking for changes in the accumulation of plastic in the North Pacific Gyre," says Marcus Eriksen, who will lead the expedition's research as Algalita's Director of Project Development. "We suspect there's greater accumulation, which means more harm to sea life and potentially to humans."

"On this voyage, you'll earn your sea legs and rough hands hauling in lines and hoisting sails, but you'll also be "doing the science" side-by-side with researchers," says Eriksen. "You'll need to be fit as you prepare to trawl the sea, sort plastic, preserve samples and catalog it all."

All sarcasm aside it looks like an interesting trip but at the same time I can’t imagine you would come home with uplifting and positive vacation photos that your family and co-workers will be keen to sit down and look at after all, they don’t call it the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for no reason.

More info: underwatertimes.com

Photo Credit: Plastic Ocean / Kevin Krejci / CC BY 2.0

David Johnston

David Johnston

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