High Seas Force Tim Taylor to Pause his Attempt to Paddle around New Zealand

Friday, 17 June 2011

Tim Taylor paddling in New Zealand. Photo credit: nzkayaker.com

I feel terrible for Tim Taylor. Looks like he had to put his expedition with the goal to kayak around New Zealand on hold for the next couple of months. Things had been going pretty good for the past seven months and 4700km (of 5500km) when he got stuck for two and a half weeks at Ahipara waiting for the seas to calm down.

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The reason why he got stuck there he is that it is the start of a 90km stretch of beaches and would make it impossible to land in the 2+ meter swells that were pounding in.

Not all is lost. After going home and talking to some weather experts he is going to be on standby in July and August when more stable weather tends to pass through later in New Zealand winter. If he can make it through that last stretch and up around the top of the island then he will be home free. You can read the full plans on his blog.

One of the original goals of the trip was to do the entire coastline in one shot so I’m sure he must be disappointed to have this wrench thrown in but I’m glad that not as bad as it looked a couple of days ago when he gave up and went home.

To be honest, I have never seen so much local media attention for any expedition as this one. It seems that two thirds of New Zealand has been closely following along. The other one third is made up of grumpy old people or kids under 16 who are way to cool to care.

Photo credit: nzkayaker.com

David Johnston

David Johnston

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