Bryan Hansel Finally Completes his Top Secret Great Lakes Expedition

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bryan's Campsite somewhere on the Great Lakes. Photo credit: Bryan Hansel

Congratulations are in order for lightweight paddler and friend of the site, Bryan Hansel for completing his 800-mile, 99% solo, 45-day expedition covering two of the Great Lakes.

The massive trip started in Port Huron, Michigan progressing north up through Sault Ste. Marie then West along the Southern shoreline of Lake Superior to his home in Grand Marais, Minnesota. You can see the full route below.

View Port Huron to Home in a larger map

As many people know Bryan is a prolific twitter user (@bryanhansel) so of course he was updating his followers throughout the trip. What made it a lot of fun for us sitting at home was that the trip was unannounced and for the first 10-15 days he wouldn’t publically tell anybody where he actually was. All we got were distance updates and other location teases. This lead to lots of debate online as to where he was and some nerds people were even watching weather patterns to help narrow it down based on recent tweets.

The actual reason for the location blackout was because he had to be incognito while paddling along the West shore of Lake Huron. There isn’t a lot to offer in the way of public camping forcing Bryan to guerrilla camp along much of that shoreline.

Drying Gear. Photo Credit: Bryan Hansel

I’m glad that Bryan made it home without injury. Readers might remember several years ago when Bryan had to bail out on an attempt to circumnavigate all the great lakes when a very bad case of tendinitis flared up after a very short distance.

I’m sure he is feeling much better coming home from this trip then the last big one.

Photo credits: Bryan Hansel

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