This is a great short piece of extreme whitewater footage. From the video description: Astral paddler David Fusilli reminds us that when in doubt you should always roll over and stick it in the middle. It was shot somewhere in Chile in 2010.
While I don't normally post stuff promoting helicopter fishing, you need to check out this amazing promotional video for Nimmo Bay Helicopter Fishing & Wilderness Adventures. While you are watching the video of the helicopter flying over the mountain peaks and running along the river valleys, click and drag your mouse over the video to pan the camera around. Again, awesome. It's clear that there are huge costs to developing a video like this but at $124,110 for exclusive use of the resort for you and 17 other friends, it's still within their advertising budget... PS - Sorry in advance for the bad cover version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. It's the Canadian Tenors. The video is below:
Friday, 21 January 2011 14:40

Mark Visser Rides JAWS at Night [Video]

This is one amazing piece of surfing footage. From the official press release: This morning at 2:00am local Hawaii time, professional big wave surfer Mark Visser made history by achieving a night ride on waves measuring 30-40 foot faces off the shores of Maui with specially engineered LED lights built into a buoyancy vest and modified into the surfboard.
Nick Castro from Active Sea Kayaking has posted another interesting video that we can learn from. This time he puts the deck camera on Michael Pardy, owner of SKILS and the two decided to mix it up in the rocks which is a nice break from the big water surfing that I have been watching and posting over the past couple of weeks. Playing in and around rocks is a great skill to work on. It's a quick way to develop excellent boat control and gets you thinking about boat handling not from just a going forward perspective but also going backwards. You learn quick how to control both ends of the boat. It's also quite a challenge to get around a rock and not get pushed into it by the wave swells so you learn about timing and hull acceleration. If getting involved in rockhopping is of interest to you, it's easy to get started. On a calm day find some rocks and get as close as you can without touching them. Once you get more confident do the same thing with a little bit more waves and swell. Work on going forward then backwards then add some speed to the whole thing. It's sometimes a nice change from just going out paddling and putting some miles under your hull. Go slow and start playing. Finally, once you get more confident and start to look for rocks and medium swell, do yourself a favour and put on a helmet. Waves, rocks and that big melon on your shoulders often don't mix well.
Lions Bay has got to be one of the weirder whitewater kayaking films I have seen in a very long time. In a weird way it reminds me of one of those European advertisements that Homer got made when he was running his Mr. Plow business. Watch for the cool whitewater sliding action in the last 2 min. It's worth the wait purely with the suspense of thinking he is going to wipe out and mangle up his face. See for yourself below.
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