If you are looking out your window to a frozen wasteland of car slush I have got a real treat to keep the dreams of summer canoe or kayak trips going a bit longer. Alex Horner recently released this two part short film highlighting the magic and beauty of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, located in Minnesota. Shot over a weekend canoe trip back on the 24th of September, 2010 it has everything I would expect from a canoe trip. Good scenery, cracking fire and misty mornings. I'm ready to shut down everything right now and head-out except for the fact that up north everything is covered with snow and ice. Until then keep pressing play below.
Sunday, 16 January 2011 20:06

Video: Canoeing in McDonalds

Somebody decided to do a little bit of urban exploring in a Milton McDonalds during the Brisbane Flood Disaster 2011. Thanks to @badgerpaddles for the tip.
The Hurricane Riders posted another short film this week called October Sessions which highlights a recent surfing trip to Tofino, BC. As they mention in the YouTube description, the waves weren’t huge so they focused on back surfing and other boating shenanigans.Highlights of this film include the very witty opening, a near accident around the 2:36 mark and some nice enders throughout.Nex time they just need to pay closer attention when on the waves as some are dropping and sneaking waves from each other. Watch around the 5:38 mark for a bad example.It's still pretty entertaining to watch as their poor wave days are still better than big wave days here.The video is embeded below.
Ever wondered why you can’t walk or paddle in a straight line when you are blindfolded? Scientists also don’t know why it happens but they do know that without some sort of visual landmark like the sun or moon (or that tall tree), you always end up wandering all over the place.To help explain what is going on, NPR put together a great animation which is pasted below.This inability to walk straight is one of the reasons why it’s so easy to get lost when you are in the forest, with no real visual landmarks you are pretty much walking blindfolded so you quickly course yet your mind thinks you are walking straight path.The next time you are on the water on a calm day, close your eyes and commit to paddling at least 100 strokes without peeking. Open your eyes and discover just how off course you are. It’s amazing. If you are nervous about doing it, get a friend to spot you from behind so they can yell at you if you are about to hit shore.
Saturday, 08 January 2011 20:02

Two Short Films for Wave Lovers

Two really good short films for the wave watchers out there.
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