Wednesday, 29 December 2010 23:05

A Year of Big Water Paddling in Slow Motion

Nick Castro from posted to YouTube a great collection of slow motion video he shot over the past year. That’s some fine big water paddling Nick.Sadly there is no music with the video and it really needs something. I found a great mellow instrumental by NIN that seemed to fit the bill ok. The song is embedded below so click play then click play on the video. Of course they don’t match up exactly but it’s something until Nick updates it with music when he gets a chance.
Tuesday, 21 December 2010 20:44

Kayaking 4 Kidz DVD Trailer

Here is a trailer for an upcoming DVD called Kayaking 4 Kidz which is an instructional video for kids who are interested in getting into whitewater kayaking. It's supposed to be released by Rapid Transit Video but after poking around on their site for a bit, I couldn’t find anything. The trailer looks great though.Should be out shortly if it isn’t already.
Thursday, 16 December 2010 23:58

Short Film: The Search for The Book of Legends

I recently stumbled upon this really interesting whitewater kayaking expedition short film about a group of European paddlers working their way down the Bashkaus River Canyon in Siberia in search of The Book of Legends.The book of legends is a record book of everybody who has made it through a treacherous set of rapids where; in 1974 a group of paddlers died during the first decent of the river.It’s a great video that has a very interesting short story and fantastic cinematography. Just put your blinder on during the first minute so you don’t burn your eyes looking at naked bums sun tanning. It’s safe for work except for those 2.2 seconds.
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 21:21

How to video: Fiberglass Kayak Hole Repair

Did you crash your boat and get a hole in it? This video will show you how to fix it at home with a minimal amount of equipment.
Keeping in line with the recent surfing theme, I found this film trailer below. I’m fascinated with surfing but even more then that I’m fascinated with surf films. To me, they seem to be so ahead of kayaking or canoeing films in that the angles are better and they make better use of techniques like slow motion to create those big beautiful sweeps as the surfer goes from left to right across the TV. That’s not to say that there are lots of good sea kayak pieces out there but I will die a happy man if I never see another camera-stuck-to-the-front-deck-facing-backwards kayak surfing film.Here is the description on the new Fiberglass and Megapixels film that won several cinematography and documentary awards on the film festival circuit.Fiberglass and Megapixels sheds light on Hawaii's North Shore winter surfing scene and finds the true beauty within the overcrowded image gathering free for all. The surfing industry relies on these inspiring pictures from Hawaii to sell the surfing lifestyle to the masses. It’s all about the surfing image, and these surfing images must first get in the camera. Fiberglass and Megapixels goes deep as professional surfers, photographers and cinematographers share their perspective on what it takes and what it means to get the shot and be able to live a life completely based around surfing.
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