Special thanks to Keith Wikle from Go Kayak Now! for making me aware of this fantastic looking surf kayak video called, Wild Coast HEAT. It all takes place on South Africa's Wildcoast.I'm absolutely terrified just watching it.
Thursday, 23 September 2010 23:04

Look up; there be bugs [Educational Video]

NPR put together a very entertaining cartoon explaining why you can find massive numbers of insects flying along on the wind currents 5,000-10,000 feet up in the air. I’m not talking about big monster flying bugs but rather butterflies, wasps, aphids and ladybugs.Best fun fact in the video: If you wanted to add up all the bugs in a typical 0.6 square mile column of air you would need to count to at least 3 billion. That happens everyday in June, July and August. Wow.And here all this time, I thought the sky only belonged to birds and Super Grover.
Thursday, 23 September 2010 21:38

On Tour with Alex Matthews [Video]

Author, Alex Matthews recently sent me a link to a new video he posted of a recent trip in the Nootka Island area of British Columbia. There is some great surfing footage around the 2:20 mark. Alex Matthews - Kayaking Nootka Island 2010 from Alex Matthews on Vimeo.
Norway has been on my top 5 countries to visit for a long time so I was pleased to discover that I could go paddling there (at least in my head) without the uncomfortable plane ride.The gang from World Wild Adventure recently put this video together:
Wednesday, 08 September 2010 15:37

Video: NYC Inner City Kids Kayak Camp

Nick Troutman recently posted a video of him and Emily Jackson working with the Upward Bound program is past summer.Here is the description on Vimeo:Every year Soft Power Health teams up with the Upward Bound program from Boys and Girls Harbor. We take these kids, some not even knowing how to swim, and we teach them how to kayak. We start with getting comfortable being in the water in a pool, then move to a Long Island beach and bay, and finally ending with two different river runs. Here is the group from 2010.
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