Monday, 05 April 2010 22:58

Crazy Weird Kayak Video [Must be Art]

Take a look at this absolutely ridiculous kayak video. I have no idea what the guys on shore are saying but I'm 100% positive I have seen the same look on the faces of people watching us paddle.Do we look this crazy? I hope not!Thanks to Kayak Yak for the tip.
I absolutely love this video of four-year-old Dougie and his father, Scott MacGregor paddling down the Petawawa River in Algonquin Park.
Take 5 minutes and watch this amazing and very inspirational short film called, "Birthright" directed by Sean Mullens.The description on Vimeo is:[blockquote]One man's struggle to transcend.This humble film is about a friend of mine named Michael and his daily ritual to find his natural self through surfing.[/blockquote]The director, Sean Mullens posted an interesting comment over on the video site, “One interesting fact is that the place where we filmed him entering the water was the exact location he broke his neck and became disabled 30 years ago. He told me that time and time again he finds himself at that spot on earth without intention of being is one of his favorite places to be.”
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 20:03

Video: Whale swats bird [Nature]

Like they said over at the Fail Blog. This is a whale win.
Friday, 05 February 2010 10:58

Goose Attack Video + Viral = Jay Leno

Since January 26, the kayak community has been buzzing about the viral video with kayak fishing pro Drew Gregory getting attacked by a goose. It’s really funny and I’m 100% positive that I would have reacted in the same way if I was in the same situation.Since the video was posted it has gone viral outside the paddling community with over a 100,000 views on YouTube. Somehow the link was passed along to the producers of the Jay Leno Show and it’s scheduled to be highlighted tonight (February 5th).The popularly of kayak fishing over the past 2-3 years has been growing at a tremendous rate and some feel that it won’t take much for it to become a common method of fishing (compared to using a powerboat). Could this be the perfect exposure that kayak fishing needs to go mainstream? I hope so.
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