William Castleman created this fantastic time-lapse video of the night sky during a recent Star Party in Texas. Keep an eye out for the absolutely vivid colours of the Milky Way as the earth spins around about 1/2 way through.
Monday, 01 June 2009 22:47

Video: Holding onto dam for dear life

Here is some interesting footage and story of a dramatic river rescue of two men who held on to the top of a dam for dear life after their disabled boat went over the top.
Friday, 22 May 2009 15:18

Video: Surf Jet Ski Rescue Team

In keeping with our surfing film Friday theme, shot a great short documentary about the jet ski rescue team that go out and rescue surfers and swimmers caught in a tight spot.Film description:At Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, epic waves mean epic rescues. Charles Annenberg Weingarten hits the waves with the Terry Ahue, President of the Hawaiian Water Patrol, and learns firsthand how struggling surfers are brought to safety. When the waves are at their biggest, Hawaii's jet ski rescue teams are at their best.
I recently stumbled upon this fantastic short documentary film highlighting the fantastic work that AccessSurf Hawaii to share adaptive surfing with everybody who wants to get to the ocean and ride the waves.They work to make Hawaiian beaches more accessible as well; they offer instruction in adaptive surfing.The short film is just downright heart warming.
Venture Kayak recently released a great set of videos on the manufacturing process of their plastic kayaks. In the video, you can see the complete process; from the rotational moulding process to the outfitting the boat. For the first time you can see the entire process from beginning to end.
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