Just found this great little demo of the ladder rescue for sea kayaking performed by my friend Michael Pardy and Alex Matthews. Thanks to Active Sea Kayaking for posting it!
Over the years I have seen quite a few rescue footage released by the coast guard but nothing, absolutely nothing compares to this little gem of a video.Keith Loutit has become quite talented at creating beautiful time-lapse video that also super cool tilt-shift technique. I have highlighted his work before here.This video tells the story of a fisherman washed out to sea only to be rescued by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.I have watched it several times now blowing me away every single time.
Monday, 16 February 2009 23:16

5 Fantastic Marine Biology Videos

Wired Magazine recently posted a great blog article where they post their top 10 marine biology videos. If you have the time (and your company doesn't block Youtube), head over and view all then.Here are the 5 that I liked the best.
Author, Doug Alderson recently uploaded two really cool videos which are posted below. The first one is a quick lesson on the super practical Highwayman's Hitch knot. The Highwayman's Hitch is a fantastic quick release knot with a whole pile of uses. The best one being that you can use it to make a quick tow line without requiring clips or buckles. With a little practice a basic piece of floating line can be set up to provide a secure towline that can quickly be released from both ends.
Thursday, 01 January 2009 21:29

US Coast Guard Top 10 Videos of 2008

The US Coast Guard just released to YouTube their top 10 collection of footage from 2008. It's a wild collection of cocaine seizures, shipwreck rescues, large vessel towing, including a great rescue of a pilot and his dog from a crashed and sunk single engine plane.
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