For those who don't believe that Great Lake Paddlers don't get ocean conditions, you can watch the short edited video I shot of the water conditions during our paddle and surf session back on Sunday.You will quickly notice that there isn't any actual paddlers in the video as I was to scared to pull out the camera while on the water. It was just too rough and I don't have a waterproof camera case yet. I was able to shoot this from shore while biking home.
Tuesday, 25 November 2008 23:58

Video: The 40 Foot Rock Face Seal Launch

When was the last time that you launched your sea kayak off a 40+ foot cliff into the water? Never? I thought so...wimp.Good thing they are using a plastic boat in this video as there is a slight chance of scratching.Thanks to Andrew for the link.
Sunday, 09 November 2008 20:26

The Great Dry Suit Race

What happens when you get four people together in Mango Kokatat dry suits in front of an audience? Well, the Great Dry Suit Race takes place.Filmed this past spring at the Georgian Bay Kayak & Canoe Festival at White Squall in Parry Sound.I just recently found this footage earlier this week and threw it together over the weekend.
Here in Toronto (any any harbour in the world) kayakers often feel like turtles trying to cross the road. With so much traffic, we could be run over at any time.Check out this fantastic video by Keith Loutit. He shot this time-lapse movie of the Sydney Harbour using an awesome technique called Tilt-shift photography.
I found this video tonight and was completely blown away with the level of organization the author gives to his food prep. Included is a complete menu and packing ideas for an 8 day canoe trip.
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