Thursday, 07 January 2010 15:48

Tore your neck gasket? Replace it yourself [Instruction Videos]

Bomber Gear released a very nice instructional video of how to replace a torn neck gasket yourself. It really isn’t very difficult and like many other projects, the first time always takes the longest. After replacing several of my own, I got it down to a fine science.

$15 for the gasket and $5-6 for glue sure beats the $60 repair cost of my local outdoor shop.

;Kokatat Gasket Repair KitI would suggest teaming up with your paddling buddies and buying the Kokatat gasket repair kit. It’s available directly from Kokatat (email them) or online via Colorado Kayak Supply. The current price is $56 for the neck and $14 for the wrist repair kit which includes all the tools you need to do the job properly.

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