I just wanted to draw attention the Kayak Quixotica blog written by Derrick Mayoleth. Anybody who is into reading kayak blogs is probably aware of it already so it doesn’t need any introduction.If you haven’t been there lately, drop by for a visit. His last three posts have been very interesting (not to say the rest isn’t!) as they are about a new technique for teaching low braces, instructor professionalism and making sure that the paddling industry supplies new paddlers with appropriate gear rather the the most expensive gear.
We all know that Flickr is a great location to share your photos online but one of their best features is Flickr Groups. There you can join and place selected photos in a pool of similar photo topics. It's great for new photographers to get your photos out to the public but it is very cool for surfers cruising around filling time. In the mood to look at wet cats? There is a group for that. What about photos of Don Knotts? It isn't big but yes, there is a group specifically for him. You get the point...
As a teenager, I spent many summers running around Algonquin Park. I worked for four summers at a kids camp that bordered Ontario's oldest Provincial Park and guided tons of kids on its endless rivers and lakes. Some of best memories ever were during those four summers.I loved that park so much that I used to have a canoe routes map pinned to the wall that I would stare at during the dark days of winter.A whole pile of new memories came flooding back recently when I discovered a brand new map developed by Jeffrey A. McMurtrie, a York University student. Boy, has he done a fantastic job!
The Big Picture is such a fantastic site. Published by the Boston Globe, it's a giant photo collection of the best photos of the day. Sometimes it's a bunch of random photos but generally, it's a collection of photos of a current topic in the news.Today was no exception as they covered the Red River flooding along the Minnesota-North Dakota border. The Red River is completely jammed up with ice and with the melting snow, the water has nowhere else to go but over the banks and into residents houses.

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Friday, 02 January 2009

Can't get enough of me? I know I can't!I recently started making use of Twitter. For those who are already lost, wikipedia defines Twitter as "a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length."
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