Lake Superior Fog
Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Friends of the site, Naturally Superior Adventures are completely fogged into today as shown on their Lake Superior webcam. The site shows hourly updates throughout the day as well as a running loop of the last 24 hours. Today it's fun to watch the loop as you can see the fog just starting to roll in throughout the morning. Looked like some good surf as well.

The Coast Guard Channel
Thursday, 24 April 2008

I recently tuned into the US Coast Guard Channel. There you will find lots of video resources that helps to show what goes on within the busy world of the US Coast Guard. One quick video posted below gives a great demonstration of their new 47' MLB. This boat is specifically designed for rescue in large surf. The official Coast Guard website describes them as: The 47' motor lifeboat is designed as a first response rescue resource in high seas, surf & heavy weather environments. They are built to withstand the most severe conditions at sea and are capable of effecting a rescue at sea even under the most difficult circumstances. They are self-bailing, self-righting, almost unsinkable, and have a long cruising radius for their size. It is the replacement for the aging 44' MLB fleet. More info:
Eric Teaching As you know there is a massive pile of paddling resources out on the net. It seems everybody and their brother has a kayaking newsgroup. I saw the more the merrier. Some of these resources are good while others don't seem to be as active. One group that I have been a part of for a while is the Yahoo Group, Seakayak Skill Building, WA. It is a group of paddlers who are focusing on helping each other work their way up through the various certification programs. They organize practice sessions and anybody is allowed up come out and paddle. I have been watching the newsgroup postings for a while but recently a good conversation has started up around potential dangers in drop seat zippers in dry suits. "setsuko_cox" is interested in collecting stories or experiences of other people who have got their zippers caught when trying to wet exit. If you want to follow along with the conversation or chime in, you will need to join the free group.
Lake Superior Cam at Naturally Superior Adventures along with the town of Wawa, Ontario have unveiled the Wawa Webcam. On the site you will find a live camera feed of their famous giant goose. Not sure why you would need a live feed of a giant goose statue but at least the camera will provide some entertainment for the local hoodlums youths who want to get their illegal humorous activities documented. The real gem of the site is the camera feed from the mouth of the Michipicoten River and the home of Naturally Superior Adventures. The location is famous for its giant surf when the wind is blowing against the current. Right now camera updates the site once an hour due to satellite bandwidth issues but for those who want to see what has been happening, you can view a loop of the last 10 hours of shots. Back in mid August, Dave (owner of NSA) approached me with the idea and I thought it would be a fantastic resource. I helped out with some technical programming issues around the site. I'm very excited to finally see the site go live. Oh yes, these are the same outfitters who are planning "The Big One". It is an 8 week guided trip that covered the entire Canadian North Shore of Lake Superior in one summer. You can do it all at once it split it up over 8 smaller 1 week trips. Talking to Dave, there is already one person signed up for the entire trip. You can read more about "The Big One" here. Where is the camera located? Here is the location via Google Maps View Larger Map

Evolution of the World Map
Monday, 19 November 2007

Evolution of the World Map I recently found this really cool collection of world maps showing the evolution of the known world map. What starts off as a big garbled mess, starts to get organized into the map that we know today.
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