Kayak Abuse
Monday, 30 July 2007

Think skin-on-frame kayaks are more fragile then fibreglass/plastic/Kevlar boats? This video from Shaman Kayaks might prove otherwise. I thought I was hard on by boat but this takes things to a whole new level... Thanks to the Sgian Dubh blog for the video link.
Today on Boing Boing, there was a posting to a website with hundreds of photos of container-ship wrecks. It is absolutely amazing to see these things. They are so huge and to see the damage caused by a fire or a storm is mind blowing. According to Wikipedia these ships can carry up to 12,000 truck size containers with a value of over $300 million so when these things go down, it can be a real distaster. More info:

Cross-Canada Tour
Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Let's take a quick tour across Canada and see what is going in the Provincial/Territorial paddling Associations: RCABC Receives MEC Grant Mountain Equipment Co-op recently announced a grant of $6088 (cdn) for the Recreational Canoeing Association of British Columbia. It is going to be used to help create fish habitat and paddling features on the Seymour River in North Vancouver, BC. This is the second year that MEC has contributed to this project and would not have been possible without their support. Paddle Manitoba The Government of Canada has committed to expanding Nahanni National Park Reserve. Parks Canada is launching a series of public meetings this summer and fall on what the new boundary should look like. This is the best opportunity yet for Canadians to show their support for protecting the entire South Nahanni Watershed and Nahanni karstlands. Show your support! Write or call the federal government and let them know you support full watershed protection! More info here. New Brunswick Canoe & Kayak Association You need to pay up your 2007 memberships. It's $15...Pay up deadbeats. More info. Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador They have a great article on Icebergs. Makes sense...Read it here. Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia People from across the province will have the opportunity to enjoy guided tours of some of Nova Scotia's protected areas again this summer. The Department of Environment and Labour, in partnership with community groups, will offer several free tours to participants interested in exploring the province's unique wilderness areas and nature reserves. Two tours are scheduled for Sunday, June 10, on Canadian Rivers Day. A paddling tour of the Margaree-Lake Ainslie Canadian Heritage River, Inverness County, will begin at 1 p.m. Paddlers are invited to experience a great Canadian river with a guide by paddling the 13-kilometre section of slow-moving river between Margaree Forks and Margaree Harbour. More info.

Mailing List Reading
Tuesday, 05 June 2007

To keep on top of what is going on, I find myself getting lots of mailings from outfitters and paddling schools from around the world. I'm on lots of mailinglists and to be honest, I usually disappointed with about 98% them. I'm mean come on, it is your primary mean of advertisement and promotion and you don't even take the time to send a lousy photo or a funny story to keep me interested? Hey company owners, want to see a good example? Go to Naturally Superior Adventures and get on their mailing list. Enough ranting. I don't know what got into me. Sorry about that... Two things caught my eye in NSA's latest mailing. They are helping to sponsor a contest looking for the most "Urban" couple. Here is the description: The panel-selected winning couple will be taken on a guided, all-inclusive five-day kayaking adventure on Lake Superior. A cameraman will follow along, filming the adventure, with the footage later being released on the Internet as a series of reality-TV style "webisodes". Think you could make the cut? Nominate yourself here. Don't tell your partner just in case you get picked. Now that will make for some great reality TV... What else if fun in their newsletter...Oh yes, they are planning a really cool trip. They are offering a Voyageur Canoe Musical Tour from Rossport, Ontario to the Red Rock Folk and Blues Festival. You get to travel in a 36 foot Voyageur Canoe with everybody in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The best part is that this musical journey will be hosted by Ian Tamblyn. Ian Tamblyn has been a musician, songwriter, playwright and producer for many years. He has recorded several albums and countless soundtracks for theater and film. In recent years, Ian has had a close association with adventure travel and scientific expeditions. These travels have taken him from the icebergs of Greenland to the underwater world of Antarctica. I can imagine what the campfire sing-songs would sound like. Awesome. As somebody who has guided several trips using a voyageur canoe, there is no better way…

Clyde Coastguard Podcast
Tuesday, 22 May 2007

If you haven't downloaded and listened yet, jump over to Simon Willis's blog and download his latest podcast. He does an amazing interview with Bill Spear, the watch manager at Clyde Coastguard. Simon gets down and dirty to figure out what goes on there and how kayakers can make the Coast Guards lives a little easier. Link
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