The great thing about camping and paddling is that there are so many items that you can either make or “upgrade” yourself.The website, Instructables is a fantastic resource for the tinkerer. The site is great as they give step by step instructions for almost anything under the sun. A while back I covered their awesome instructions on how to your own computer out of a stuffed beaver. We are talking about very practical stuff here!Below is a list of interesting items related to camping, canoeing or kayaking:
Google announced a massive expansion to the number of cities in Canada that are now available on Google Street View.I decided to take short tour to see if any paddling shops are now available online.
It took forever but Valley Kayaks has just rolled out their new website for the world to see and it’s a huge improvement to the placeholder that has been sitting there since the beginning of November. For people who haven’t been following along, the super short story is that their site went down abruptly back in September. Due to some unforeseen problems with switching site hosts, they were unable to load up their old site and had to do a complete redesign. You can read a slightly longer version of what happened here.
Anybody who reads blogs knows that generally speaking they are all over the place with a wide range of topics. Hey, that’s what keeps them interesting.As you know Freya Hoffmeister completed her monster trip two days ago and for those who have been hiding out underground, she just completed a circumnavigation of Australia in 332 days with a total distance of over 13,000 kilometres!It’s a pretty huge deal for the paddling community and currently didn’t go unnoticed in the blogosphere. I can’t remember any single paddling event of recent years that has received this type of unified coverage. And it should, it’s a pretty big deal!Get up to speed on expedition breakdown:
The Coastguard Boating Education from New Zealand has recently unveiled a new Online Kayak Safety Module to go along with the many other safety courses they offer.The new safety online mini-course is a flashed based program designed to help new paddlers to make good decisions before getting on the water. The topics covered include weather, choosing appropriate gear and communications equipment.On the whole, I’m quite pleased with the way that it is put together. It’s focused on beginner kayakers so it’s pretty rudimentary but that is ok. It’s a very good start with the focus on what is really important for new paddlers, prevention and risk management.
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